Defensive Fitness

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Running for Defensive Shooters

When people realize that they need to take responsibility for the safety and security of themselves and their families, they...  defensive-shooting-stance

“I Can’t See My Sights!”

One of the most common complaints people have about their guns, particularly as they get into their 40s and beyond,...  quikclot-gauze

Dealing with a Gun Shot Wound During Training Class

As trainers, operators, law enforcement, and civilians operating around firearms, it is important that we understand how to respond to...  door-frame-pull-up-bar

Getting (Back) Into Shape!

General Physical Preparedness The necessity for having a base level of fitness or general physical preparedness should be common sense...  human-weapon-part-1

Human Weapon System, Part 1: Command and Control

Last month, we introduced the concept of the Human Weapon System and evaluated its assets and weaknesses. Now we’ll start...  dead-lift

Introduction to Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is a term that has been bandied about quite a bit lately.In many circles, it incites images of...  ms-man-running275

Integrating Medical Knowledge Into Combative Wisdom

“Experience is only good if you learn from it.” Humans are a unique biological system. When placed in the context... 

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