Defensive Issues

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knee strike

Hip Maximization in Unarmed Defense

You’ve heard it a thousand times. “The power of the [insert unarmed defensive move here] comes from your hips.” And it’s true. But has...
caliber comparison

When Does a .380 Beat a 9mm?

Have you ever heard the phrase “Friends don’t let friends carry mouseguns”? The implication is that calibers below a certain threshold, arbitrary though it...

Raising Children in a World of Guns

As parents and gun owners, it is our responsibility to properly educate those around us on firearm safety, just as we educate our children...

The ‘Perfect’ Home-Defense Gun

When I teach home-defense courses, I’m always asked, “What is the best gun for home defense?” And I always answer with a definitive “That...
Page 1 of 41234