NRA PASS: Shooting a Defensive Shotgun

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Class 4: Shooting a Defensive Shotgun – Shooting a home-defense shotgun may be a relatively simple process to learn, but it is a difficult one to master. Before you add a shotgun to your personal defense arsenal, you should know how to load, aim, fire and reset the weapon properly. Rob Pincus explains why you should train with a shotgun for closer, more practical distances, or what are called extreme distances. Then he demonstrates the techniques you should implement for moving the gun into shooting position, touching and pressing the trigger, moving laterally and running the action to get a new shell into the chamber right after you take your shot.


Class 1: Shotgun Myths
Pump-action shotguns are incredibly powerful tools for personal defense, but Rob Pincus discusses a few of the myths about these weapons that you shouldn’t believe. The first is the idea that if you encounter a threat in the home, simply racking the gun to create the infamous spine-tingling sound is enough to scare off the intruder.

Class 2: Shotgun Setup
When you consider how you set up your home defense shotgun, you should be aware of the specs that make it optimal for close-quarters defensive situations. Rob Pincus discusses the components that he thinks are best suited for your home.

Class 3: Fundamentals of Defensive Shotgun Use
Here’s the first thing you should learn about your defensive shotgun: it works best when you know how to use it. This is paramount. If you don’t know the fundamentals and you don’t how to be effective with your shotgun, you’ll have a much tougher time protecting yourself and/or your family.

Class 5: Extreme Close Quarters Retention Shooting
If you ever experience an extreme close quarters shooting instance during home intrusion, it is highly unlikely that the situation will allow you to aim down the sights and fire from the high ready position.