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Principles of the Clinch

Whether you re a serious student of combative arts or just a casual fan of the combat sports, you've probably heard the term clinch....

Pride and Glory, Life and Limb, Part II: Bridging the Gap Between Competition and Combat

In Part I of this series, we discussed some of the differences between training for sport MMA and training for...  emotional-support

Pride and Glory, Life and Limb Part I: Differences Between Competition and Combat

Opinions on training for competition, such as sport Jujitsu or Mixed Martial Arts, versus training for real-world conflict fall over...  fear-brain

The Combative Mindset, Part 2: Fear Management

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt FEAR: A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger,...  closed-fist-strike

The Closed-Fist Strike

There are as many theories on what is the best “technique” in the world of self-defense as there are experts....  open-palm-strike

Understanding Physiological Potential: The More You Learn, the Less You Know

One of the most amazing things about the traditional martial arts—especially those that focus heavily on the practice of solo...  leatham-enos-grip

Maximizing the Combat Grip

Understanding, developing and refining an effective and consistent combat or final firing grip on the pistol are essential to repeatedly...  reload

Combative Applications of Competitive Techniques, Part 2

In part 1 of this article, I tried to draw correlations between two areas (combative and competitive) in each of...  shooting-on-the-move

Combative Applications of Competitive Techniques, Part 1

I’ve often been asked, “Does practical shooting under the stress of competition offer training benefit to those who want to...  human-weapon-part-1

Human Weapon System, Part 1: Command and Control

Last month, we introduced the concept of the Human Weapon System and evaluated its assets and weaknesses. Now we’ll start... 

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