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Future of Defensive Pistol Sights, Part 2: Testing and Evaluation

I stated the premise of this two-part article in Part 1: “I think that the future of sighting systems for...  instruction

Framework for Firearms Owners

Acquiring, Owning, and Training with a Defensive Firearm A framework is a structural plan for a project. I find that,...  defensive-shotgun-course-copy

The Defensive Shotgun Part II: Training

As a trainer, I have conducted a good number of home-defense shotgun courses over the years. Having seen a lot...  rifle-strike

Weapon Strikes: Uses and Application in a Fight

During a recent episode of The Best Defense TV show, my co-host and I demonstrated the use of a weapon...  combat-focus-shooting

Top Shot: Lessons From Hollywood

I have accomplished many things that I’m proud of, including being a Marine, becoming a firearms instructor, starting my own...  beretta-kahr-and-sig

Test Drive: A Defensive Shooter Visits the Rental Gun Counter

I’m a very lucky guy: I love what I do for a living and I’m grateful that I get to...  benelli-nova

The Defensive Shotgun Part I: Accessories

Consider the shotgun: traditional provider of meat for the pot, defender of hearth and home, and long regarded as the...  glock-rmr

Future of Defensive Pistol Sights, Part 1: Research and Set Up

I’ll make a bold statement: I think the future of sighting systems for handguns (both medium-frame carry and duty pistols)...  benelli-m-4-in-action

Fighting with a Shotgun

Shotguns are incredibly versatile weapons that can be used very successfully as self-defense tools. I am often asked about using... 

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