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Principles of the Clinch

Whether you re a serious student of combative arts or just a casual fan of the combat sports, you've probably heard the term clinch....

Pride and Glory, Life and Limb, Part II: Bridging the Gap Between Competition and Combat

In Part I of this series, we discussed some of the differences between training for sport MMA and training for...  emotional-support

Pride and Glory, Life and Limb Part I: Differences Between Competition and Combat

Opinions on training for competition, such as sport Jujitsu or Mixed Martial Arts, versus training for real-world conflict fall over...  small-fixed-blades

Why the Knife?

I was recently asked why I’m so quick to recommend a knife, not a gun, as a primary personal-protection tool....  small-impact-tool-examples

Small Impact Tools: Options and Considerations

For years, I’ve carried one form or other of small impact tool as part of my everyday carry gear. A... 

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