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Family Defensive Strategies: For the Armed Individual

I write this in the wake of numerous active-shooter incidents, including the Colorado movie theater shooting that killed 12 and...  ecq-dynamics

Why It’s OK To Lose in Training

Too often I see people — whether students in a class or those practicing solo — training for impractical situations....  000724f_k5724u_c

PDN’s Top Five for 2012: Most Popular Videos and Articles

2012 was a great year at Personal Defense Network. We hit many milestones far ahead of schedule, launched our Premium...  david-williams

David L. Williams

David L. Williams began his almost 20-year career in law enforcement as a street officer with the Dayton, Ohio Police...  beretta-kahr-and-sig

Test Drive: A Defensive Shooter Visits the Rental Gun Counter

I’m a very lucky guy: I love what I do for a living and I’m grateful that I get to...  benelli-m-4-in-action

Fighting with a Shotgun

Shotguns are incredibly versatile weapons that can be used very successfully as self-defense tools. I am often asked about using...  chris-fry

Chris Fry

Training and teaching have been major parts of Chris Fry’s life since he was a teenager, starting with martial arts... Read...

Secrets for the Best Personal Defense Cartridge

Each piece of equipment we use for personal defense is a tool. And as with all tools, we have to...  self-wave-knives

Optimizing the Everyday Carry Folding Knife For Personal Protection

The everyday carry (EDC) folding knife has become a staple both in society and the modern personal protection community. Each...  competitive-training-drill

Design Your Own Firearms Training Program

I am often asked what gun I like best, and although I answer the question, I wish people would shift...  rob-pincus-instructing

Rob Pincus

When talking to people who’ve worked with Rob Pincus, words like “unstoppable,” “consummate professional,” “expert,” “intense/inspiring/innovative/outstanding/amazing,” and “extraordinary” come up.... Read...

Martial Artists and Firearms

Tradition I believe that there are two basic reasons for this. The first is that martial artists are studying arts... 

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