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Maximizing the Combat Grip

Understanding, developing and refining an effective and consistent combat or final firing grip on the pistol are essential to repeatedly...  reload

The Revolver Malfunction Drill

Revolver shooters tend to be a pretty smug lot when it comes to dealing with malfunctions, enjoying the reality that...  small-revolver-holster

Care and Maintenance of Lightweight Revolvers

Today’s lightweight revolvers are a joy to carry. Small and bereft of mass, they ride easily in a pocket and...  snub-sights-red-tape-copy

Improving Your Snub’s Sights

Hard-to-see sights on a snub-nose revolver are a common complaint. One of the main reasons people don’t use the sights...  002104f_k5032u_c

Defensive Firearms Priorities: How To Choose a Personal Defense Handgun

One of the things I do most frequently as a defensive firearms instructor is give advice on which gun a...  double-action-trigger-1

Dealing With the Double-Action Trigger

The double-action handgun, whether revolver or autoloader, is a great threat management tool. The long, heavy trigger means that accidental...  revolver-image1-2-web

The Revolver: Unappreciated Advantages

How I Learned To Love The Wheelgun I’m sure you’ve heard it before: someone asks, “Which is better: revolver or... 

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