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Lasers…on a Carry Gun?

In the past, if you’d asked me about lasers on guns, I would have dismissed them almost immediately. I knew...  000724f_k5724u_c

PDN’s Top Five for 2012: Most Popular Videos and Articles

2012 was a great year at Personal Defense Network. We hit many milestones far ahead of schedule, launched our Premium...  defensive-shooting-stance

“I Can’t See My Sights!”

One of the most common complaints people have about their guns, particularly as they get into their 40s and beyond,...  bowie-mp

Future of Defensive Pistol Sights, Part 2: Testing and Evaluation

I stated the premise of this two-part article in Part 1: “I think that the future of sighting systems for...  glock-rmr

Future of Defensive Pistol Sights, Part 1: Research and Set Up

I’ll make a bold statement: I think the future of sighting systems for handguns (both medium-frame carry and duty pistols)...  high-value-target

PDN’s Best of the Best: Most Popular Videos and Articles of 2011

These articles and videos were the most read and viewed last year. You, the PDN membership, have made your preferences...  eye-index-14

Light Up The Night: Handgun Solutions in Low Light

In the article Training Solutions in Low Light Environments, I addressed equipping and using a rifle in low-light environments. However,...  rifle-light-mount-position

Training Solutions in Low-Light Environments

Last night, I spent three hours shooting in the dark. The goals: to shoot test my new JP-15LE rifle, test...  snub-sights-red-tape-copy

Improving Your Snub’s Sights

Hard-to-see sights on a snub-nose revolver are a common complaint. One of the main reasons people don’t use the sights... 

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