“The Best Defense” TV Series Update

Congratulations to Mike Seeklander and to fans of The Best Defense television series!

Michael Bane has made the official announcement that Mike Seeklander will be stepping into the Firearms Instructor/Host role on The Best Defense series starting in January 2012. I am stepping aside to create space for this new perspective and more time for the many other projects I am involved in (including some exciting new ones!). Honestly, I cannot think of a better person to step into the role.

Image of Rob Pincus and Mike Seeklander

Rob Pincus and Mike Seeklander have been working together for several years on various projects and comparing training notes as peers and friends.

Ironically, I first worked with Mike Seeklander several years ago when he was a guest in the early days of The Best Defense! As usually happens, when we first started the show, it was still a work in progress and the format wasn’t really developed. In fact, that type of development is always a constant process. At that time, we were considering following the traditional “gun TV” format of having guest instructors for each episode. We quickly decided that this chopped and stop/start type of presentation that a different perspective every week brings isn’t conducive to presenting a cohesive body of work. It was certainly no reflection on Mike (or Phil Strader, who was also a guest that season) that we chose to go with a more consistent “one voice” approach to presenting the firearms training info on The Best Defense. Well, now that voice is changing.

If you haven’t heard yet, I announced earlier that I was going to be saying “Goodbye and Good Luck!” to The Best Defense series at the end of this year. Now that the “TBD Gun Guy” has been announced, I wanted to let those of you who are familiar with me, but not with Mr. Seeklander, rest assured that I think the show is in great hands!

Image of Mike Practicing shooting

Mike Seeklander has military and law enforcement experience and has been a professional instructor and competitor for many years.

In fact, since meeting while taping in 2008, Mike and I have worked together often. Last year, Mike attended a Combat Focus® Shooting Course that he also hosted at U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, plus joined me as a guest instructor in the Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series, so we really got to compare notes and understand a bit more about each other’s approach to training. Mike also joined me as a guest on the second season of S.W.A.T. Magazine TV and did a great job. More recently, I’ve brought Mike on as a regular contributor here at the Personal Defense Network, where his input is helping us maintain our quickly established position as the highest quality source for diverse personal defense and safety information on the Internet.

Image of Personal Defense Firearms being videotaped

Mike taping his segment on one-handed shooting for the Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series.

As I said in my “goodbye” letter linked above, I am extraordinarily proud of my work on The Best Defense and The Best Defense: Survival. It is only natural that I would want a professional to step into my role there and inherit the legacy. It is a privilege to say that the pro stepping in as I step out is a good friend. Thanks to Mike for agreeing to take over the reins at a project that has been, and will remain, very important to me!

I hope everyone enjoys the look they’re going to get at the guns I would pick for a worst-case survival scenario on the new season of TBD: Survival, which starts in July. I’m definitely looking forward to your feedback. And I’m equally looking forward to sitting back and watching The Best Defense in January 2012 … you should be too!

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10 Responses to ““The Best Defense” TV Series Update”

  1. Kent Johns says:

    The PD TV show is one of the best on the air, but you really should fire your sound mixing engineer. The dialog comes across at around 30db and the “background” music close to 110db. For such a quality show I can’t understand how you can tollerate such low quality sound mixing. Fire the jerk and get someone who knows what he’s doing.

  2. Ken says:

    a waste just some woman screaming while they keep playing a foiled robbery and killing over and over. In real life people that scream like that die fast…some of us do have severe PTSD but why worry about others. Your so called fake scenarios are not even close to real. Teach people to be selint if their making noise will not help especially will it will escalate trouble…

  3. d.herrington says:

    I watch all you episodes, enjoy them and learn from them. its in the context of learning that I communicate now. All of your self defense are right hand is strong side in nature. there is no adaptation to the left hand strong side or change to left side usage to almost all of your self defense. As a pretty fair number of us are lefties it would be nice to see your view in left hand self defense.

  4. Curt Kott says:

    I love your show but I was wondering what would happen if you had your guys shoot a non lethal weapon like a paintball gun and make up a reason as to why they would do so. Might have to make up a fake reason for this. Then put them in as surprise active shooter situation where they were getting shot at, by surprise , by a active shooter(he would have a paintball gun as well). Just to see how they would react in a real life situation.

  5. Troy Defew says:

    Hello, my name is Troy Defew, I am a retired police officer in KY. I am a 2nd degree black belt as well as a KY Dept of Criminal Justice certified firearms instructor. have, for the past 17 years been teaching KY concealed carry classes. I also provide, basic, intermediate & tactical handgun training. I am wanting to develop a self defense class for women and men program so that I can offer self defense classes as well. I have watched many, if not all of your shows on the Outdoor Channel. I have seen numerous self defense programs, but none have caught my attention. Until seeing yours. Your techniques are realistic, everyone, male or female can perform the techniques. I wanted to see if you sell videos of your techniques so that I can utilize my training in conjunction with yours to develop my class.
    If you do have videos or other source that I can obtain them, please let me know where.
    Thank you,
    Troy Defew
    Advance Firearms Training

  6. Farid says:

    This wan character on jouinrk is such an asshole. He pretends to be this wonderfull guru and healer but he is a fake. he is all about money money super collosal money. his ego hisso huge. I went to him for help, and he tore me apart on facebook for no reason. pass it on about this guy.. he is illuminati

  7. Conrad Evarts says:

    We’d like to discuss using your video for the creation of a beta site for HUNTFLIX. It will allow us to create a demonstration site for Content Providers and Advertisers’ eyes only to demonstrate style and functionality. HUNTFLIX will pay you $500 in advance for the use of the video in the beta site and to cover your staff’s time in moving it to the hard drive we would supply. You will have the freedom to pull your video if you don’t feel our site enhances your brand.

    If you like how HUNTFLIX looks when it is up and running we’ll have a follow up conversation regarding how we can monetize your archives. We’ve increased our royalty rate to 30% of $30 CPMs. You can also hold back 3 spots for your sponsors or products or take the 30% on a total of six.

    Let me know if you have some video in your archives or on your drives that we could use to get our beta site ready.

    You can call me at 406.475.4994

  8. Craig says:

    I just watched my first episode of the series…how pathetically politically correct. This episode dealt with “The Knockout Game”…who were the attackers, white guys with a pasty fat one working the camera….the 1/10th of 1% of the thugs doing these attacks are white. This is a black “game”, and their preferred targets are older white females or the weak….Not a shaved head guy in good shape.

    Part of situational awareness is WHO ARE THE THREAT…and it’s not whites. They did a real cowardly disservice by not letting people know just who will be attacking them and who to look out for. Honesty, giving warnings to avoid packs of black males, telling to not worry about pulling a pistol out and holding next to your leg, not brandishing or threatening, but letting the thugs know to go away.

    Very sad show….and where you could have helped potential victims, they wimped out. Note, the two examples of the attacks were blacks attacking an older teacher (who actually died in the attack) and a woman in England.

  9. Jim says:

    I really enjoy the best defense show. I’m a left handed shooter, and would like to see these scenarios from a left handed perspective.

    Thank you

  10. robert hockaday says:

    I would like to c a show for left handed people like good bad and ugly

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