Rob Pincus goes over the details of the Modular Belly Band that he designed in conjunction with Crossbreed Holsters for comfort and convenience along with consisting an efficient holstering and presentation. Traditional belly bands are comfortable, but relatively slow and hard to train with, but this model of the belly band holster integrates kydex and uses hook & loop fastener to allow for the band to be used with multiple firearms or other defensive tools.

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Instructors: Rob Pincus.

9 Responses to “Modular Belly Band Holsters”

  1. Jason Vanhoy says:

    So where can one buy one of these?

    1. Todd Brusven says: 888-732-5011 stuff is all made to order and is top notch.

  2. Stan Lee says: Modern day Batman utility belt :)

  3. antiaguila says:

    I like this style belly band, I’ve need using a belly band for a few yrs now. This is the first time I’ve seen an improvement on the old style. Can’t wait to get one what a good idea.

  4. Brilliant idea. I’ve been using a Galco UnderWrap for years and have been pleased. But, I’m intrigued by the modularity of this system. Thanks for sharing this information.

  5. dragan says:

    Reminds me of the old star trek show phaser belts

  6. Kicknbak says:

    I think my main concern would be perspiration, and constant moisture adjacent to the firearm. I wear a back brace much of the time and is basically the same materials and application. Any comments?

  7. I have used the Crossbreed Ohai in my vehicle’s console (the same holster used in the belly band) as well as in a Maxpedition Versipack and I really love the option of being able to pull it out of the bag and put it in my console while traveling and then back into the Maxpedition when I arrive at my destination. So this system should be even better as I really would rather have my firearm on my person plus this system gives you the option of being able to just swap the holster and carry a different gun. Great idea I;m going to have to get one for summer carry I also like the way you can adjust the angle of your firearm as I have found for me at least my gun tends to either poke me in the stomach or the leg when I sit down while carrying this way.

  8. cboggus77 says:

    Does the velcro make a lot of sound when you move? Especially when you go from a sitting position to standing? Or even when you twist your torso from side to side? I’m sold on this if it stays quiet. If not, it would drive me crazy, lol!

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