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Tune in on Thursday, January 14, at 8 PM CDT to have your general personal defense and defensive shooting questions answered by our very own Rob Pincus. See you then!

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PDN LIVE Product Showcase

The Personal Defense Network Product Showcase hosted by Rob Pincus streamed live but you can still catch the replay. Rob was joined by PDN contributors on the range, including Deryck Poole, Barret Kendrick, Kevin Dixie, and Don Edwards. Rob and the rest of the PDN contributors demonstrate new products from Primary Arms, Work Sharp, Ballistol,…

PDN LIVE: Challenges for Gun Owners During the Holiday Season

In this month’s PDN LIVE, Rob Pincus discussed specific challenges and responsibilities that gun owners, especially those who carry or stage guns for defensive use, have during the holiday season. Topics covered include house guests, burglary risk, travel, parties with alcohol, and visiting friends and family.

PDN LIVE: Two Person Armed Defense and Defending Others

In this month’s PDN LIVE, Rob Pincus covered the basic principles of coordinating with another armed person during a critical incident. He also covered concepts and principles related to the decision to defend someone else and the techniques involved.

PDN LIVE! January 2019

Rob Pincus hosted another round of Ask Rob Anything on PDN LIVE. He covered a variety of topics, including defensive insurance, biometric safes, best carry methods depending on the weather, benefits of a light vs. a laser attachment, security systems, and much more.

PDN LIVE! January 2018

Rob Pincus discussed the importance of avoiding emotional responses to potential threats, real threats or other events in your life that could escalate the danger to yourself or others. In addition to immediate physical dangers, Rob discussed situations where you may put yourself in jeopardy of having to deal with negative financial, emotional, social and…

PDN LIVE! November 2017

Rob Pincus, executive director at PDN, hosted another round of Ask Rob Anything on PDN LIVE. This event is special because you don’t get just one Rob, but two! Rob Leatham joined Rob Pincus live on the air to answer your personal defense and firearm questions. LIVE event brought to you by:

PDN LIVE! April 2016

Rob Pincus and John Brown answer questions related to Fitness for Personal Defense during April’s PDN Live event. John Brown was one of PDN’s first contributors, is a former Navy Seal, owns and operates Crossfit Agoge with his Wife Kelly in Colorado and has been a educator in the tactical, self-defense and fitness world for…