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Home Security Cameras Sales Skyrocket

Easy Installation and improved WIFI at home has lead to a huge increase in home security systems that users can monitor on their smart phones from home or on the road. ‘Nest’ and ‘RING’ have self – monitoring apps that anyone can use to see and communicate with visitors on the other end. When compared…

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Rob Pincus had a conversation with NSSF’s “SHOT SHOW TV”

PDN’s Rob Pincus spoke with SHOT SHOW TV this week in LasVegas about hosting courses and developing training programs at your local range. Check out this video to learn more: Drawing upon his years of experience, Rob breaks down what local ranges need to have to be the go to place for training and concealed…

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Man shoots himself in an elevator

A Kentucky Officer’s weapon “went off” as he tried to put it away. The bullet bounced off the elevator wall and hit the officer in the stomach. We hate it when they say that. It implies that guns somehow ” go off”….which they simply do not. Human error plays a part, and certainly was a…

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Anytime, anywhere, even at 6:30AM on the way to work!

The last thing you'd expect is for a hard working person to have to face. Up and ready to catch the bus before the light of day, many people feel safe in their cities due to their personal values, great situational awareness, and a firearm by their side with a concealed carry permit. Even in…

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“We were armed and ready”

Jamie Closs is a name that went from unknown to tip of the tongue nationally as the circumstances of her abduction include the murder of her parents. She had been missing for 88 days in the town of Gordon in Wisconsin when she escaped and found help. That is when another side of the story…

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SHE took down the bad guy with the AK-47!

You read that correctly. Another incredible story of a bad guy being stopped in advance of a mass shooting has surfaced, this one from Club 3208 in Huntsville, Alabama. A woman named Latoya was working as a private security officer in the club when a fight broke out, nothing unusual….. Until the suspect, Samuel Williams,…

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Man chasing woman gets what he deserves from Karate Instructor

It’s almost comical, but true. This story comes form North Carolina, last Thursday night at the Bushiken Karate Charlotte Dojo around 9pm. According the head instructor, Randall Ephraim, here’s what happened: A woman was being attacked by a man who tried to force her into his vehicle. She escaped and ran.. She saw the open…

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Active Shooter: How can we defend OTHER people?

In the age of mass shooter events, the responsibility to defend yourself and your family is often a part of the discussion. But what about “other people”? What about the role as someone that chooses to be a part of the incident beyond their own personal protection, in turn risking their life to help other…

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