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“I forgot” is NOT a valid excuse!

When you go to the airport, you can’t fly with your gun! We are headed for another record breaking year according to TSA officials, with more guns confiscated in airports that ever. Here is a document that shares the breakdown of what was recently found during one week in December: TSA GUNS FOUND IN ONE…

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Two men attempting to steal tools at the Coastal Farm & Ranch store Saturday in Marysville, Washington were met with what can only be described at a “group of armed citizens” that were determined to stop the thieves from finishing their robbery. As the robbers jumped into their get away vehicle, they were suddenly surrounded…

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You may have missed it. The major news stations did not even cover it beyond a quick mention in most cases. The Final Report of the Federal Commission on School Safety was released to the world last week. It is a comprehensive look at many of the topics that are the underlying root causes of…

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Man choosing to Open Carry learns a lesson in Madison , Wisconsin

A man was legally carrying his weapon on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin last week. State street is a popular restaurant and nightlife area for the thousands of students and residents that live in the bustling college town. On ‘just another average night’, another man had other ideas about the weapon on the man’s hip.…

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“Watch your back”….even when you are going to CHURCH!

Anywhere, anytime, a normal day can quickly turn into a series of life and death decisions that must be made in a quick timeframe. A family was recently faced with this exact situation. A “normal” Sunday trip to church turned sideways as they were all facing a man with bad intentions. In the end, a…

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Chaotic “Officer in Trouble” call raises so many questions!

A recent article on Active Response Training’s website titled “A Cautionary Tale for CCW Permit Carriers” is one that as citizen defenders and firearms concealed carriers, we all need to read and absorb. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE Uniformed officers responding to the scene, a female shoplifter yelling “rape” while a plain clothes officer attempts…

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Irresponsible off duty US Border Patrol Agent causes 47,000 acre wildfire

The newly released video from 2017 was featured on INSIDE EDITION recently and shows the shot that started it all during a baby announcement gone very, very wrong. Gender reveal parties have become the norm in America for many expecting families. Popping balloons to reveal confetti is one thing. Shooting binary explosives to reveal your…

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Man shot with his own gun at a bar?

The man in this video was subsequently disarmed and shot multiple times with his own gun. This scene, reportedly recorded in Mexico, raises many questions…WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Rob Pincus asks and answers the following questions: Did the disarmer get lucky? Did the man need to be shot after his gun was taken away and he…

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Domestic Violence and Firearms

“Call us if you need us”…. That is what one domestic violence victim was told by her local police department when she inquired as to how to protect herself against an angry, jaded ex-boyfriend. It’s not exactly comforting to think about police response times and this woman’s need to ensure her safety. As we all…

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