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Be a Good Student

When members of the public choose to invest their time, effort, and energy to attend training, they usually research the instructor and/or the class. They give due diligence, prepare, and possibly have some expectations of the results the training will produce. Eventually they enter into a contract with the instructor. That contract is spoken or…

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Being Combat Accurate Does Not Mean You Suck

Many individuals will opine that those that train to be combat accurate are just using it as an excuse to suck at shooting. They claim that individuals that espouse combat accuracy are merely too lazy to put in the required practice and apply the fundamentals needed to engage the target precisely. Rather than see it…

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Veterans and Concealed Carry: How Important is Training?

Veterans nominally receive training on firearms during basic training. Generally this training consists of familiarity with the manual of arms and use of the current service rifle. Unless the service member is in a unit that requires the carrying of a side arm, pistol marksmanship training is an afterthought at best.

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