Intuitive Defensive Shooting

Recorded live at Target Sports MN Indoor Gun Range in Rogers, Minnesota, PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus leads six students through a full day live-fire defensive shooting class. PDN cameras were there to record it all, giving you an unvarnished look at what it’s like to experience this foundational skill-building shooting curriculum. Along the way, by observing actual students performing shooting drills and practicing new techniques, you have an opportunity to assess your own needs for defensive shooting skill development and practice. In addition, you’ll get special tips and guidance to help break bad shooting habits, develop an effective training plan and create reality-based practice sessions of your own specifically designed for counter-ambush shooting skill development.


This PLATINUM member virtual class consists of three Blocks, each focused on a specific aspect of Intuitive Defensive Shooting. Starting with the fundamentals and progressing through advanced drills and exercises, you’ll see students on the range engage in a series of live-fire shooting drills designed to push the limits of the shooter’s balance of speed and precision in a variety of defensive shooting scenarios. During the class, PLATINUM members are directly engaged with tips and exercises to practice at home and at the range to build intuitive defensive shooting skills. Included with each Block of instruction are additional take-home materials that expand on the topics covered in class and provide additional reference to aid in-person skill-building practice.

Class Format

PLATINUM members are invited to watch each Block and study the accompanying materials. Then, following each Block, a special live stream meet-up will be hosted by Rob Pincus, exclusively for this class and exclusively for PLATINUM member class observers. During the live broadcast, Rob will review key topics of the Block and field questions from the viewing audience in real time. Questions, comments and member input is highly encouraged. Keep an eye on your email for announcements about the live stream meet-ups. And, don’t worry if you can’t make it. They’re recorded and archived so you can watch them at your convenience. You can even post questions online, outside of the live meetings.

This class gives PLATINUM members the chance to observe professionally led defensive shooting instruction as well as instructor input and access to a peer group of members with which to exchange ideas and compare experiences while practicing to be your defensive best!

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  1. Jan Vorster

    I seem not to be able to access the video?

    Hello Jan,

    Be sure you are logged into your account with your email address and password to access your content.


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  2. Dan Giese

    I received an email telling me I have access to this class. The link went to this page. How do I watch the class?

  3. John

    I just received an email telling me I have access to this class. The link went to this page. How do I watch the class?