NRA 2015 Annual Meeting Coverage

The Personal Defense Network team was at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, April 10-12. Several of our PDN contributors stopped to chat with exhibitors — who also happen to be some of PDN’s good friends and sponsors — on the NRA Show floor to discuss products and accessories on the personal defense market.

On the NRA Show floor with Aimpoint

PDN Contributor Aaron Israel stops in with Aimpoint to discuss the release of their new revision H2 Micro red dot optic.

Quick recap from our meeting with Benchmade Knives

PDN Contributor Barret Kendrick stops by Benchmade Knives on show floor to discuss off hand carry knife options for personal defense.

On the NRA Show floor with Breakthrough

PDN Contributor Barret Kendrick and Gabriel from PDN tour sponsor Breakthough discuss cleaning solutions on day 3 of the NRAAM.

Overview of the newest rifle from CMMG

PDN contributor Barret Kendrick spends come time with CMMG at NRAAM to discuss the new Mk47 Mutant 7.62×39 AR15 and AK47 Hybrid.

New accessories from Crossbreed Holsters

PDN contributor Deryck Poole meets with Crossbreed Holsters during the NRAAM to discuss new holsters and accessories.

On the NRA Show floor with FN

Rob Pincus stopped by the FNH USA booth during the NRAAM to talk about civilian counterparts of military rifles manufactured by FNH USA.

New storage solutions from Gallow Tech

PDN contributor Matt Devito talking about storage solutions from Gallow Technologies during the NRAAM.

New products from GunVault

PDN Contributor Barret Kendrick stopped in with PDN tour sponsor GunVault on day 3 of the NRAAM for tips on using biometric safes successfully.

On the NRA Show floor with Paul Leitner-Wise

PDN Contributor Deryck Poole catches up with Paul Leitner-Wise who recently released his new eSights (Emergency Sights) for the AR-15/M16.

Quick recap from our meeting with SilencerCo

PDN contributor Matt Devito stops in with SilencerCo to talk about their #stopthenoise campaign.

Springfield’s new Mod 2 version of the XD

PDN contributor Deryck Poole stopped by to speak with tour sponsor Springfield about the changes to their new Mod 2 version of the XD.

On the NRA Show floor with Surefire

PDN contributor Barret Kendrick spends some time with Surefire Flashlights talking about new intellibeam technology that automatically adjusts the level of light output.

Quick recap from our meeting with Winchester

PDN contributor Deryck Poole visits with Winchester at the NRAAM talking about personal defense ammo for rifles.
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7 Responses to “NRA 2015 Annual Meeting Coverage”

  1. Stephen D. Williamson

    May your God and mine bless the N.R A.for the commen man.

  2. Pete

    @ Marshall, who said anything about prohibited weapons? There were some ill informed stories reported on some liberal outlets. During my 2 days there, many open carry and who knows how many concealed carry. It was a great showing by the members of the NRA. I suggest you continue to support your NRA, because it is the big dog in the fight for our Rights (plural). Yes, they are protecting our Second Amendment Right, and by doing so, ensures we get to keep our other Rights.

  3. marshall

    I’m disgusted with and ashamed of the NRA after they prohibited personal firearms in the annual meeting. They pretend to be the 2nd Amendment defenders but when the rubber hits the road they are hypocrites and supporters of the anti gun crowd. If I were not already a lifetime member I would not renew my membership. PDN and all other pro gun rights groups should distance themselves from the NRA

    • Darrell

      You’re a NRA lifetime member and you think personal firearms were prohibited at the annual meeting? Really? How on Earth did you buy into that myth? Are you just a Bloomberg plant trying to stir up crap? Hate to tell you but I was there and thousands of people had their EDC’s on them. Just because you see a meme on Facebook saying something doesn’t mean it’s true. Wow! I really hope you are and anti-gun plant trying to spread false info. Because if you really ARE a 2nd amendment supporter we are in trouble!

    • Richard

      What are you talking about?

      I saw plenty of attendees open carrying. There was a single concert help off site at a sports arena where guns were not allowed (owner had a no gun policy – property rights), but the NRA show itself was very gun friendly.