PDN LIVE! April 2018

Rob Pincus hosted another round of Ask Rob Anything on PDN LIVE. He went live to answer personal defense and firearm questions.

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11 Responses to “PDN LIVE! April 2018”
  1. Stone

    How do you feel about using a laser when dry firing to train your body for better unsighted fire alignment? Not meant to take away from live fire but something that can be done at home between range sessions.

  2. Larry Goodson
    Larry Goodson

    As an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and one who operates a firesarms licensing seervice for clients in New York, I remain puzzled as to what is required at a basic traffic stop in Florida, where I live. Do I offer that I am licensed and carrying concealed or wait to be asked?

  3. Dick

    Can not hear Rob P., his voice 1/2 volume, than you the narrator, far over riding his volume. Thx Dick

  4. Jeffrey Thurwatcher
    Jeffrey Thurwatcher

    Laser mounted on pistol use in daylight. Is it seeable for aiming?