PDN LIVE! December 2016

Rob Pincus took on a variety of self-defense questions during the final PDN Live event of the year. Rob spoke about the .380 ACP as a defensive caliber, improvised defensive tools when traveling, opportunities to continue learning and training throughout the winter, and making plans for 2017. This personal defense information and insight packed hour is a must watch!

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40 Responses to “PDN LIVE! December 2016”
  1. Thomas

    I was at Walmart parked finishing my cigarette and a man walked up behind my car and started shooting at the people in their car next to mine. I was afraid I was going to get hit by a stray bullit. Do I have the right to shoot him . Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to kill no one but I don’t want my family or myself shoot ether. What should I do ?

    • Doug

      In my state we have the alter ego to protect someone from assault. You get the rights of the victim. If the person you act to protect is not innocent to the event, you may not get the legal protection of self defense. You really need to be sure the conditions before acting.

    • Gary

      Some say be careful because of the law. You should not pull your gun out .unless it is the last resort you might have an exit.

  2. Zach Conant
    Zach Conant

    I’m looking for an ar15 and can’t decide between Daniel defense or bravo company. Is one any better than the other?

    • Cap'n Dave
      Cap'n Dave

      Oh my God YES! It CERTAINLY makes a differernce! Don’t dare buy the wrong one. If you chose wrongly; your every fear will come true and you’ll die a horrible, ignominious, agonizing death. Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

  3. Dennis K
    Dennis K

    Prioritize the following for training: fixed target accuracy (7, 12, 25 ft); shoot & move; timed shots vs hits

  4. ron

    I know you prefer the 9 mm but what is your opinion of the
    380 ACP for self defense since those pistols are more practical to
    carry due to clothing issues etc for some people

  5. Steven

    In some states like Missouri the law states you have to notify the residence that you are armed.

  6. Kent

    What are your thoughts on a backup gun? I carry a G19, I used to carry a Keltec P32, I quit, not because it was 32 but because during ‘panic drills’ I never got a 2nd round off with the Keltec. I was considering the G43.

  7. Jim Wilcox
    Jim Wilcox

    Thank you for this broadcast format. I’m not on Facebook so this is my only current option for live instruction.

  8. Aaron

    Hey rob….so I’ve had a few beers. My wife and I stop at a store to get cigarettes on the way home from wherever we are. Someone accosts her and it gets dirty when she goes I. The store after our stuff. What do I do?

  9. Charles

    Rob, do you have any suggestions on firearms, holsters and training for physically challenged folks who may use a wheelchair and or walker? tnx for the great job cd

  10. jiminma

    I enjoy your on line programs very much and always seem to learn something new. Please keep Grant C. on there as well.
    I an not a fan of facebook as I feel that labels us all to often with all the liberals use that against us.