PDN LIVE! July 2018

Rob Pincus hosted another round of Ask Rob Anything on PDN LIVE. He went live to answer personal defense and firearm questions.

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15 Responses to “PDN LIVE! July 2018”

  1. Michael

    Thanks for a common sense approach to difficult questions.
    Again thanks for your time and expertise. Awesome !

  2. Maggie

    Whats your opinion on having a security dog that can bite someone prior to you needing to use a firearm????

  3. Maggie

    Have you ever taught someone who just could not accomplish what you were trying to teach them in an 8 hour class? As an educator how do you help them feel confident that they can learn your methodology?

  4. Jojo

    You nailed it on if someone is carrying illegally like no CCW permit or not LEO or even LEO but failed to qualify or late, then ending up killing a rapist, or saved a cops life, something like that. What are the ramifications for using a firearm and carrying it illegally?

  5. Dan Wessner

    What is your opinion on pistol sights that are blacked out rear v three dot

  6. Mrs. Pincus IV

    How much trouble will I be in if I opened the Justin 2012 Isosceles Reserve because you didn’t respond rapidly enough when I asked what wine I should have tonight? 🙊

  7. docrandleas

    Your thoughts on having visibly armed and incognito armed church security/safety officers.

  8. Steven C Randleas

    Is it a good idea to have both visible and non-visible security safety officers for church security?

  9. Rich

    Home/Family protection with unlocked backdoor. We have a storm door with a pet door which the pets use to go in and out. We dont usually lock the screen door , since it as a tiny latch. What are the legal, self defense, and ethical standards of this?