PDN LIVE! June 2016

In the Aftermath of the killings in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, PDN LIVE answered questions about Active Shooter Response. Rob Pincus was joined by Mike Gillette at the start of the show to talk about important aspects of Fighting Mindset in both your preparation for dealing with a spree killing incident and in the actual moment that requires you to act. Pincus spent the majority of the show addressing the most popular questions that were submitted, addressing issues of firearms use during a mass shooting, coordinating with other armed good guys and improvised responses for when you can’t carry a defensive firearm.

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42 Responses to “PDN LIVE! June 2016”

  1. rich


  2. Joseph

    Not a question but more of a statement and request for your thoughts. We need, as a society , to be more alert and aware of possible threats. I am sure the signs were there, just no one took notice. Please elaborate on what people need to be looking for, on a daily basis of potential upcoming problem-down to what to look for when a threat is imminent . Thanks PDN & Ron!

  3. Derrick Nations
    Derrick Nations

    I enjoyed the video,everything was spot on. I can’t add to it or take nothing away. Thanks a bunch

    • Cade

      My dargethu, the 10 year old origami addict, will love this one. She's on a crane binge right now – I think the plan is to attach 100 of them to her ceiling – so the elephant will be a welcome change for her.

  4. ddthien

    It is imperative that we contact our elected officials to keep the pressure on those who want to blame legitimate gun owners for the acts of those irresponsible people who do unspeakable damage to others.

  5. Woody

    During a spree killing event, if I should attempt to take down the shooter and injure or kill an innocent bystander, would/could I be arrested for murder/manslaughter?

  6. Brian

    Being in Fla you can’t take a fire arm into a bar or night club predominantly selling alcohol. If not impaired would you suggest retrieving your firearm from your vehicle to confront the shooter, after calling police?

  7. Robert Cooper
    Robert Cooper

    What the heck went wrong in this scenario and why were there no armed guards or patrons?

  8. Thomas R Shaffer
    Thomas R Shaffer

    If you are only carrying a small caliber (32 cal) and are attacked.and have no place to conceal yoursrlf, what is your suggestion. . I can’t always carry my 9mm, 40cal, or 45 due to size?

  9. Smokey McElroy
    Smokey McElroy

    How do I find, in southwestern Ohio, a place to practice tactical training? Thank you.

  10. Roy Shellito
    Roy Shellito

    How is the best way to determine you is a good guy and who is a bad guy during an active shooter, if there is more than one good guy with a concealed carry?

  11. Richard

    Trained police at the scene in Orlando were told to stand down, wait for swat, how do WE decide to how/when to act?

  12. Scott

    My E.D.C. is a full size 5″,15 round, 40S&W. Do you think I may be over doing it by planning a response to an event like this? Mall event ect.

    • Dave Eckart
      Dave Eckart

      You should carry what you are comfortable with carrying. One never knows what you might have to defend yourself from. A recent story I read told a story of a LEO that almost ran out of ammo before the situation was resolved in his favor. He stated that he now carries 150 rounds on hos person. Granted LEOs are more likely to experience situations that private citizens will not, do you want to be a statistic? Carry what you can and what you are comfortable with.

  13. Dave Eckart
    Dave Eckart

    Yes, repetition, and practice, even in one’s own mind helps one react in stressful situations. I have not had the unfortunate scenario that required a gun, but I have had situations that required self-defensive actions, and having been mentally prepared previously helped me act in a calm manner.

  14. Dave Eckart
    Dave Eckart

    I have found that since I began practicing situational awareness I don’t have to focus on being aware as much as when I began learning situational awareness. I also have noticed that the more aware I have become the more aware I am. A dozen or more years ago when I started becoming situationally aware, I was not anywhere as aware as I am today. It is at a point that I don’t usually think about it, except when something strikes me as not right. It’s not that I am not aware, I notice just about everything, but I don’t have to mentally focus on it. It has saved me from numerous car crashes recently. The last one was where an SUV came across three lanes and half-way into my lane. If I had not been situationally aware I probably would have been dead or severely injured.

  15. Art

    the police have no responsibility to protect anyone. the fact is the police when responding to active shooter at a school will not enter until they set up a perimeter and make sure they are safe before entering and taking care of the problem.

  16. Russ

    Is there anything as for first aid which would be good to have for active shooter situations?

  17. grant

    Really appreciate the mindset and mental preparedness coaching. And glad the “run, hide, fight” training is starting to get some traction. So important to increase the potential to save lives. Thanks!

  18. Dar

    Lots of good and timely information! Thanks, Rob and Shannon. I look forward to these every month.

  19. Dave

    How do you suggest answering the anti-gunners that constantly refuse to understand that Orlando would have been far less of a tragedy if even a half-dozen customers had been armed. No single terrorist can defend against bullets sent from a small group of multiple locations. No group of terrorists can defend against bullets sent from a large group of multiple locations.

  20. Kirk Goins
    Kirk Goins

    It would be great if the notice for these events much longer. I don’t live in my personal email and many times I see this the next day or at best just after the event. 8-12 hours would be ideal. Thank for the Grest Content.

  21. Randall Knapp
    Randall Knapp

    Most of these people at Pulse were not of a survival mindset. What I find so odd is that the club supposedly had security. Having done armed security work, part of my job was to make sure that a situation like this did not happen by heading it off. If security had been doing their job this should not have happened.