PDN LIVE! March 2017

Rob Pincus and Deryck Poole discussed some concepts about firearm and holster selection and spent most of the hour answering specific questions from the PDN audience about their choices and concerns in this information-packed hour of PDN LIVE.

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33 Responses to “PDN LIVE! March 2017”

  1. Matt Barksdale

    Just bought a Glock 19 and now am looking for ammo to feed it. This is going to be a primarily a home defense and range gun. What ammo do you recommend?

  2. Mr Bill

    I carry 9:30 -10:30 right hand draw, having trouble finding holster for Ruger SR9c

  3. Wayne Westfall

    Thanks for the session, I’m a long time fan and yes I watched the Springfield Lady competition, it was great. Good luck on your tour.

  4. John Griffith

    I’m left handed. Can you recommend a good tactical side carry holster for a Ruger SR9C.

  5. TJ McNamara

    I know you like the Crossbreed holsters, what are your feelings on the Alien Gear holsters?

  6. jim chaplinski

    what do you think about the S&W shield ported version by the performance center?

  7. glocker

    What do you think about an ankle holster for back up carry or as primary carry?

  8. Mike

    I have a M&P 40c with a rail mounted Crimson Trace and I can’t find anyone that makes a stock IWB holster.

  9. Paul

    After carrying a Springfield XD9 Subcompact, I recently purchased a Glock G43 for EDC. what are your feelings on having a 6+1 capacity?

  10. Michael

    I have a S&W sd9ve and I want to carry appendix, but it is a 4″ barrel and small Full size.
    Not sure what to get I have an OWB now, a retention holster,but want to conceal. Should I just sell this gun and buy a compact like a S&W M&P Shield.? In your humble opinion. Thanks 🙂

  11. Mike

    What about carrying in tac pants I have True Spec 24-7 pants and find that they hold my 43 nicely. It holds the pistol securely.

  12. Bill

    Thanks for answering my question. Wish the training tour brought you to central/upstate New York.

  13. Bob

    It’s tough to be Left Handed in a Right Handed Gun World…I want to get a shot gun is it safe to fire a right handed gun Left Handed??????

  14. ttew22

    Your personal view on concealed carry of a firearm with/without an external safety. I carry my Beretta PX4 Storm for the comfort of the slide mounted external safety… reminds me of my USMC M9 pistol and therefore I am comfortable with the manual of arms.

  15. mike@silverdawnkennels.com

    What is your recommendation for personal defense ammo for a 9mm – G19 or Sig P290?

  16. George Vondriska

    Hey, Rob. We’re in the north woods of Wisconsin this weekend. Cool to be able to catch your Live. Handgun recommendation for Krista? Mid size hands.

  17. Troy Caminos

    Hi. Im a little overweight so i got a bulge at my side and front. And i cant really reach twords my back. I know i can carry an outside thw waistband cause i have one but i want to carry an inside the waistband also. Do you have any recomendations?

  18. Neil

    I carry a Rock Island Armory 1911A1 CS .45 with 230 gr. JHP ammo in a belly band worn to my front right side. A self-proclaimed gun expert I know warned me never to carry a pistol in a belly band, only in a holster. What are your thoughts on my choice of carry?

  19. Bill Knight

    Is there any research out there to take the guesswork out of choosing a defensive round for my shield? How about a good concealed carry holdster option? Thanks

  20. Art Terry

    Hoping to hear your thoughts on holsters offered by Sneaky Pete and the like, Outside the waistband carry options that cover the firearm, so it is concealed “in the open”.