PDN LIVE! November 2016

Rob Pincus, executive director at PDN, answered a variety of self-defense related questions submitted by members of the PDN community. Topics covered include choosing defensive ammunition, transitioning from a focus on competitive shooting to defensive shooting skills, active shooter response, women carrying guns in purses, and much more! Rob concluded with some thoughts on the problems with people confusing tactics and politics when it comes to guns.

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20 Responses to “PDN LIVE! November 2016”

  1. kentdog

    How do you recamend a person who is a little over weight Carrie concealed. There is usually not enough room up front ,if you know what I mean,

    • Customer Service

      If you really want to carry appendix (centerline) there should be a way to do it. The number one way to carry centerline and have it comfortable (regardless of body type) is finding the correct holster. The features you need to look for in a holster is a “wedge” that adds an angle to the holster. Then when the belt is tightened the grip of the gun is rotated into the body. Also, the use of a foam or rubber pad on the inside of the holster will help with comfort as well as keeping the grip of the gun close in to the stomach. All that said, if you don’t want to go through all the headache trying to find the right centerline holster then the other option is strong side hip or just behind the point of the hip. Some centerline holsters that guys and gals who don’t have washboard stomachs but have found success with are Keepers Concealment, Custom Carry Concepts, Raven Concealment, and Castle Bravo. Hope that helps.

    • Customer Service

      Hi James. Based on the data of 58 actual civilian self defense shooting incidents from Tom Givens 86.2% (50 incidents) of them occurred at the distance of 3 to 5 yards. The other distances from the study are 0-2 yards 3.4% (2 incidents), 5-7 yards 5.2% (3 incidents), and 7-25 yards 5.2% (3 incidents)

    • Rob Pincus
      Rob Pincus

      I am unaware of any solid information in regard to time. In the context of Personal Defense, the best data that I am aware of (from Tom Givens) shows that over 85% of defensive shootings occur between 9 and 15′.

  2. Philip

    Hey Rob; If a person has to use a gun to defend himself and shoots someone it may go to court. Would training in defense classes that are certified be taken into consideration by the courts as part of a legal defense?

    • Dave

      Yeah, pocket carry. I know this is not the best carry option, but it was my initial option and has evolved into the one with which I am most comfortable. Living in Florida, it is also often the most practical. I also find it easier to shift rediness posture proportional to my alertness level. Should I be focusing on some other method of carry that might be more effective. I know Rob that you prefer appendix carry, but I’ve had difficulty making that work for me. Think I should be rying harder?

  3. rjcorgan

    As a concealed carry instructor what topics should receive more emphasis that have historically been less important?

  4. Steven Randleas

    Do you have advice for church security (active shooter) given its a confined and sometimes congested area?

  5. Bernard

    Question: BEST way of achieving accuracy with a rifle (no red-dot, non-laser) using a “standard” (right handed) AR??

  6. Don

    What about being disabled? I can only carry cross draw or appendix to 3 O’clock any help. Thanks Rob love the site

  7. Lyndon Scott Caviness


    Given the recent attempted active killer attack at OSU…do you feel RUN-HIDE-FIGHT is the best advice for responding to an active shooter or active killer (with other weapon)?

    Should we also be focussing on training the un-armed citizen to engage the threat with with a swarm type attack when possible? I ask because I’m a Concealed Carry Instructor, but I also offer tactics if the student is in an attack scenario when they are not carrying.

    May be a question that requires more discussion than possible during a web-cast. Thank you!

    Scott Caviness
    PDN Member
    Greensboro, NC

  8. HJ

    After this recent election cycle, do you have anything uplifting and/or positive for your CA listeners/watchers/readers?