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  1. Bulletcatcher

    Pic won’t download. I carry a Kimber Rapide in 9mil. Backup is a Walter PPK 380mil. Both fit in the same 1791 leather IWB holster. When working and in a suit I carry a Kimber, ported, 10mil, in a shoulder holster. Other EDC, Kershaw Auto, battery op fire starter, i3 flashlight and a tach pen.

  2. Christopher Williams

    I alternate between a Taurus G2S .40 S&W, Hi Point C9, and SAR B6 9mm.

  3. John New

    My EDC, C2 with RMR, Microtech SOCOM Elite folder, RFID Carbon Fiber wallet and Streamlight Stiletto Pro light, F250 keys!

  4. David

    Walther PPS 1st Gen, custom made hybrid IWB left hand holster. The 1st gen PPS is a great ambidextrous single stack weapon with the trigger guard magazine release and the bolt release is easy to trip with the trigger finger without too much contortions.

  5. Tom

    I carry a black Stiletto everyday and I don’t think that i have had a personal defense situation at all once I pull my baby out my pocket

  6. Jim

    I carry a Sig P-365 with a 12 round magazine, Sig red dot sight, streamlight laser/light combo in a Tulster IWB holster modified for the red dot sight. I have a carrier with 3 places, a spare 12 round magazine, small Olight flashlight and defensive pen with light. I also carry a 3″ pocket knife. I some times carry a back-up Ruger Max 380 with 12 round magazine with 380+P defensive ammo in a ankle holster. I try and keep it simple as possible and keep everything in the same place. I carry at 4 O’clock and the ammo carrier at 9 o’clock. My mags are the same size and the same number of rounds. I always carry my wallet with a few dollars and the rest of my money in a separate pocket.

  7. Gary Truckey

    Almost bought this one. Simple, yet effective. I think that you’ve made a good pick.

  8. Gary Truckey

    Reb; you’re one well-prepared person! Rock on! When the stuff hits the fan, you’re the guy I wanna be around!

  9. Benjamin Bevel

    I carried an LCP9 for years until I got this M17 and now it never leaves my side. Along with that I carry a two mag pouch with 17 rounds each. In Arizona we do require a CC but I have one. Makes a big diff when confronted by the law. At home or on the quad I’ll have my AR carbine, just in case.

  10. Rostislav

    My EDC Sig Sauer X-FIVE BLACK NUGGET and four mags or Colt Python Elite with words on Python’s grips “…well regulated Militia”. A spring cosh and pepper spray…sometimes when I’m nervous Kalashnikov 47 full auto with four mags.

  11. Bruce Grieve

    My wife and I are shopping now for an appropriate CC pistol for her, I am not a handgun pro in fact it has been years since I shot one but the time is now. We are looking at a Glock 9mm with the 10 cart magazine, it seems light, easy to clean and disassemble. AND after we have been through some training classes I think it will both be confident and safe.

    • Bruce Grieve

      AND after we have been through some training classes I think WE will both be confident and safe. (Sorry for the typo)

    • Donald Ferguson


      YOUR FIRST HANDGUN: This information may be helpful if you are buying your first handgun. The main concern is need. Do you really need a gun?

      Do not waste your time looking for the ‘best gun’, there is no such thing.

      Everyone has an opinion, including me, but your decision should be determined by need, not opinion. Why do you NEED a gun?

      1. Will you use the gun for hunting? On the farm? On the ranch?
      2. Will you use the gun for competition? Target shooting?
      3. Will you use the gun for home defense? Your business defense?
      4. Will you use the gun for self-defense? Concealed carry?

      If you plan on using a handgun for hunting; farm; ranch, competition or target shooting you already know about guns. You do not need beginner’s help.

      In my opinion, if you are going to use the gun for home or business defense, you may want to consider a 410 shotgun. Bullets go through walls very easy.

      When using a gun, beginners/first time buyers need to be aware of two major problems. Your gun firing accidentally, and you being so nervous you cannot fire the gun if being attacked. You need to take lessons and practice!!!

      You MUST take lessons to learn about laws and weapons before buying a gun; You MUST take shooting lessons with the gun you purchased; You MUST become certified to carry concealed; and most important, you MUST practice shooting at least once a month. THAT’S WHAT YOU MUST DO!

      Very few people will do some of those things much less all of them. For everyone that will NOT take lessons and NOT practice shooting please remember these three things – BEGINNERS PLEASE:

      1. Only use a gun to protect people, NOT stuff. If you shoot a person you could be arrested and your gun held as evidence. It is not for the police to decide if the attacker was close enough to really threaten your life (3 to 6 feet); who was right or wrong; who broke the law, or what law was broken. That’s the court’s job. Even if you did everything right, you will still probably need to post bond and hire a lawyer. Don’t argue with the police – they don’t make laws, they enforce them!

      2. Never show or point a gun at a person unless you are prepared to kill them. Guns are made for only one purpose – to kill! Beginners should only use a gun if they, their spouse or child is attacked and their life is in danger. Until you have developed shooting skills you should forget about aiming; trying to stop or injure an attacker, or trying to protect property.

      3. Many guns can, and do go off if dropped, bumped or the hammer is caught on your holster, pocket or purse. In my opinion beginners should consider a simple point-and-shoot; hammer-less, double action revolver with the chamber empty.
      Impossible for it to fire without pulling the trigger. Comparable to a S&W 642.

      FACT: Personal attacks can happen very fast. You may not have time to quickly pull your gun out of a holster; pocket or purse; find the safety release; cock the hammer on single action revolvers; rack an automatic, aim and pull the trigger. That requires PRACTICE!!! (Please DO NOT carry a gun in your pocket or purse).

      For anyone that will not practice, a point-and-shoot revolver should be considered for self-defense. In a self-defense situation you will probably only get one or two shots at very short range, 3 to 6 feet.

      A light weight; short 1-2 inch barrel; hammerless revolver, minimum 9mm/38sp. may be the most uncomfortable and the worst gun for shooting long distances, but it is the safest. Again, with an empty chamber it is impossible for it to fire without pulling the trigger. For certification you can rent a semi-automatic , or a longer revolver (4 or 6 inch barrel). For practice use a smaller caliber (.22 cal.).

      Automatics (are really semi-automatics) will have more bullets, less shock and are more accurate for many people. But in an emergency semi-automatics can be harder to use. With training and practice you may prefer a semi-automatic, until then all beginners should consider a simple point-and-shoot hammerless revolver.

      Carrying a gun is not for everyone. But if you must carry please take lessons, practice and become legal. And remember that ‘Open Carry’ makes you a target – the first target.

      NOTE: A reminder to experts that this is for beginners only – first time buyers. Many people are now buying guns that have never shot a gun. The only lessons they get are from a salesperson. That is wrong, but is fact. They need a simple explanation of what is involved in buying a gun and why they need lessons and practice. 10/08/2020.

    • Anonymous

      Smith & Wesson 638, with factory-engraved banknote-style curliques on the cylinder. Kramer horsehide front pocket carry. Currently wearing hand-filling Mustang grips, although factory Uncle Mike’s boot grips are best for concealment.

  12. Edwin Prime

    My new EDC (FN 509C) which replaces my HK VP 9SK. This accompanies my Spartan pocket knife.

    • Calvin Anweiler

      Love my Glock 43 and IWB kydex holster carried at 4 o’clock.

  13. Michael

    I am private. U have no need to know… specifics. Just know that I am prepared “all day everyday “ for anything. My E.D.C. Includes various knives, multi-tool, survival equipment, and other dangerous weapons.

  14. Katianna Hebden

    Heck, tried to “Shift+Enter” to add the description of my other pistol and that didn’t work. Makes me look like I’m showing off my booty for no reason…
    Ruger LCP in a DeSantis pocket holster, also with Hornady XTPs.

  15. Charlie Hicks

    My TAURUS G2c with 12.15.and 17 round mag.with green Armalaser and in waist band Crossdreed holster.

  16. Kris Adams

    My favorite EDC choice is my Sig Sauer P320 XFive Legion. It’s the flattest and fastest shooting pistol I’ve ever got my hands on. I’d take it over my 4K dollar STI Stacatto

    • Benjamin Bevel

      I’m with you on the P320. I’ve got a bud that is a firm believer in his Stacatto. I’ve matched up with him many times and topped out

  17. Russ Hobgood

    Walther PPK/S, extra 7 rd mag, Eclipse holster and mag carrier, Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA, Gerber Sharkbelly, SWATT-T and an AMK Trauma Pak

  18. Karl

    What I had on me when I saw this post among other items a Benchmade auto, POM OC Spray, G-26 with XS sights and Holosun 507c (Green).

  19. Richard Ormandy

    I carry two XDs .45’s every day. Two spare magazines as well. Aliengear IWB and TruSpec Tshirt with concealed carry pocket.

  20. Rick from Clovis,CA

    My primary EDC is a Sig P229 and my backup is a Glock 26. The Sig is a touch larger and heavier, but fits my medium size hand a nd the extra helps keep it on target in multi shot situations. Both have Crimson Trace grip laser sights and Truglo night sights. I carry in a kydex IWB holster at 4 o’clock. I carry the Kershaw flip blade. Flash lights are staged throughout my house and in my truck. A trauma kit is under the seat of my truck or any vehicle I ride in. Always be ready for anything.

  21. christoffj

    Cz P-07 with Aplc
    Selfmade holster, belt and 3-1 magazine, Wave and Nitecore Mt10c flash light
    Parker Sonnet ballpen
    Honeybadger Small Claw
    Modified Opinel no 6

  22. Richard Lightner

    I have a Glock 17 as well. But for concealed purposes, my M&P Shield EZ 9mm is perfect.

  23. Craig Turi

    Normal EDC is a Kimber EVO SP 9mm. Extra mag carried in a “Snagmag” Ammo: Black Hills 125 Gr. “HoneyBadger” Holster: Muddy River Tactical OWB Kydex.
    Alternate EDC is a H&K VP9 SK. Same ammo etc.

  24. Richard Ormandy

    Two Springfield XDs .45’s, two spare mags, and two Hinderer knives. Two is one, one is none.

  25. Jim Hovater

    No provision to post pic.

    EDC: Stainless Kimber Pro Carry in 9mm.
    MODs: Ergo FDE grips, neon green FO front sight, OEM rear sight notch milled to 0.156″, short Wilson Combat trigger adjusted to 4.5#.
    AMMO: Norma MHPs in 10-rd MecGar mags.
    HOLSTER: Safariland
    ETC: S&W tac light, lighter and Kershaw folder


      Glock 26 with APEX TRIGGER, WILSON COMBAT SIGHTS on a Maple Tactical slide carried OWB DESANTIS. Emerson or Cold Steel knife, Surefire Stilletto light.

  26. Robert Wenzell

    Smith and Wesson Model 15 2″ heavy barrel in an El Paso Saddlery Yaqui Belt Slide.I use 158 grain Lead Semi Wadcutter Hollow Points in 38+P made by Remington.

  27. dsloucks

    I carry a SIG p938 with 8 +p 115 gr hollow points in a black sneaky Pete holster, 5 years now. No pics available.

    • Mark Terrell

      My EDC is a Taurus Tracker .357 Magnum with two back up speed loaders. Sometimes in the summer I carry my G3c withtwoextramagazines, and once in a while I’ll carry my Taurus Tracker 44 Magnum with 180gr Underwood jhp with two back up speed loaders.

  28. Rob Mueller

    I Like my left handed Crossbreed IWB super tuck because it allows for many clothing options including my work uniform. I’m a mechanic in a power equipment shop that requires I stow my sidearm in my toolbox during work. The Supertuck comes off easily when I want it to and is rock solid when I need it to be. The Snag Mag allows me to carry an extra mag no matter what clothes I’m wearing and is very deploy-able for a fat boy like myself. The CRKT M16 was the first knife I found that I could operate left handed effectively and efficiently.

  29. Cary

    My Taurus G3c, extra mag, pepper spray, KaBar knife and ankle med kit with RATS TQ, Israeli bandage, chest seal. The words on the holster are from Psalm 121: the Lord is your shield at your right hand” (Hebrew)