Two men attempting to steal tools at the Coastal Farm & Ranch store Saturday in Marysville, Washington were met with what can only be described at a “group of armed citizens” that were determined to stop the thieves from finishing their robbery.

As the robbers jumped into their get away vehicle, they were suddenly surrounded by six (6!) grown men with handguns drawn and pointed at them. The driver of the Honda Civic attempted to flee and as he took off, shots were fired. As a result, two tires were shot out. The vehicle was found about 2 blocks away, and the suspects were later apprehended elsewhere.

But back to the armed citizens – let’s discuss this further! Some questions that need to be asked and answered include:

  • Who coordinated the armed standoff or was it a natural occurrence?
  • Did the men ever discuss being in public and having to draw their weapons together?
  • What was the background during the actual shooting?
  • Would you get involved with trying to stop a thief that was robbing a store you had nothing to do with?

Let’s get to the bottom of these and more questions in the comments section and on our Facebook page now!

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  1. tsknight

    There is surveillance video of this indecent that shows one person hit and roll on the hood of the car just before shots were fired. Although that would not have happened if they had not tried to block the escape.
    I don’t see any reason to shoot at a fleeing criminal unless there is a clear and present danger to myself or someone else.
    In this specific case, I have found nothing that indicates to me a justification for the use of deadly force.

  2. John Moody

    Not having any other information on this shooting other than what I have read here. My 1st question is why where so many armed civilians in the one location? I’m was a member of a club in CT and it was a rare occasion to have 6 people armed even shooting at the range they were generally not all concealed carrying. This from first glance appears to be some sort of vigilante situation. I teach all my students it’s better to be a good witness then to involved in unnecessary gun play.

  3. Scott

    In NY, shooting at a fleeing vehicle except for a kidnapping is unacceptable. No kudos for that.

  4. Johnny

    There is no way I would have drawn nor fired at the vehicle. If it is not an imminent threat to my bodily harm. If the threat was imminent and I was in fear for my life the vehicle would have been the last thing I would have fired at. Conceal, cover and observe unless you have no other options.

  5. Dian Valencic

    This was beyond stupid! For some tools! No ones life was in danger. Well, until the six idiots pulled out there guns!!! On the plus side, this will be a great case to bring up in our next Concealed Carry case about everything not to do!!! Hopefully these six where charged!

    • Al

      I hate thieves. I don’t care if they did JUST steal tools. They should hang. Thieves do not deserve to breath my air.