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Pistol Caliber Carbines: the Rodney Dangerfield of defensive firearms

“I don’t get no respect, no respect at all!” — Rodney Dangerfield If there ever was a gun which “experts” delighted in ridiculing, it’s the pistol caliber carbine or PCC. “No use for them”; “inferior to a rifle”; “why bother?”; these are some of the predictable comments made by shooting enthusiasts and tactical training hobbyists…

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Choosing an Optic for an AR-15-Type Carbine

I recently helped someone navigate one of the most challenging aspects of modern defensive firearms ownership: choosing an optic for a general-purpose AR-type semi-automatic carbine. What makes this such a potential ordeal is the nearly limitless variety of options available. From red dot to reflex, holograph to etched reticule, fixed power to variable and everything…

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Carbine Malfunctions, Diagnosis and Remediation, Part 3

Complex Carbine Functions In part 3 of this series of articles/tutorials, I am going to demonstrate the more complex malfunctions on the AR-15 weapon platform. Keep in mind that the skills outlined are applicable across a broad spectrum of weapons. Whenever conducting any firearms-related training, it is important to review and follow the four firearm…

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