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concealed carry

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Anytime, anywhere, even at 6:30AM on the way to work!

The last thing you'd expect is for a hard working person to have to face. Up and ready to catch the bus before the light of day, many people feel safe in their cities due to their personal values, great situational awareness, and a firearm by their side with a… Read More

Man choosing to Open Carry learns a lesson in Madison , Wisconsin

A man was legally carrying his weapon on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin last week. State street is a popular restaurant and nightlife area for the thousands of students and residents that live in the bustling college town. On ‘just another average night’, another man had other ideas about the… Read More

“Watch your back”….even when you are going to CHURCH!

Anywhere, anytime, a normal day can quickly turn into a series of life and death decisions that must be made in a quick timeframe. A family was recently faced with this exact situation. A “normal” Sunday trip to church turned sideways as they were all facing a man with bad… Read More

Chaotic “Officer in Trouble” call raises so many questions!

A recent article on Active Response Training’s website titled “A Cautionary Tale for CCW Permit Carriers” is one that as citizen defenders and firearms concealed carriers, we all need to read and absorb. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE Uniformed officers responding to the scene, a female shoplifter… Read More

Man shot with his own gun at a bar?

The man in this video was subsequently disarmed and shot multiple times with his own gun. This scene, reportedly recorded in Mexico, raises many questions…WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Rob Pincus asks and answers the following questions: Did the disarmer get lucky? Did the man need to be shot after his gun… Read More

What Can We Learn from the Castile Shooting?

Last year, at the beginning of a series of tragic shootings and senseless violence against police officers around the country, a police officer in Minnesota shot a legally armed man. That man was Philando Castile and I think that there are some things we can learn from the Castile shooting. Read More

Veterans and Concealed Carry: How Important is Training?

Veterans nominally receive training on firearms during basic training. Generally this training consists of familiarity with the manual of arms and use of the current service rifle. Unless the service member is in a unit that requires the carrying of a side arm, pistol marksmanship training is an afterthought at best. Read More