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family defense

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Mass Pike Road Rage like no other!

Road rage caught on camera, with twists and turns that you do not see every day! A 65 year old man was caught on camera holding on for dear life after a fender bender resulted in road rage unlike anything we’ve seen this year so far. The incident in… Read More

Anytime, anywhere, even at 6:30AM on the way to work!

The last thing you'd expect is for a hard working person to have to face. Up and ready to catch the bus before the light of day, many people feel safe in their cities due to their personal values, great situational awareness, and a firearm by their side with a… Read More

Gift of Personal Safety and other Holiday Security Tips

This is a wonderful time of year, full of joy and good cheer. (Hey, I could write greeting cards!) Yet not everyone looks at the holiday season in the same spirit; for some, this is an invitation to larceny — or worse. How do you keep yourself and your family… Read More