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Anytime, anywhere, even at 6:30AM on the way to work!

The last thing you'd expect is for a hard working person to have to face. Up and ready to catch the bus before the light of day, many people feel safe in their cities due to their personal values, great situational awareness, and a firearm by their side with a… Read More

Man choosing to Open Carry learns a lesson in Madison , Wisconsin

A man was legally carrying his weapon on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin last week. State street is a popular restaurant and nightlife area for the thousands of students and residents that live in the bustling college town. On ‘just another average night’, another man had other ideas about the… Read More

Do Your Standards Have Integrity?

I've been saying for a long time that all such "standards" are made up and ultimately Subjective.... and therefore, not important... certainly not as important as so many people make them out to be. Read More

Empty Chamber Carry

If you’re not ready to carry a gun with a round chambered in a proper holster, you’re simply not ready to carry a gun for personal defense. Check out this video of a close quarters knife attacker who is able to land repeated strikes on an Armed Professional while several… Read More