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Coming Soon: William Aprill’s new series “They Are Not You”

William is one of the most thoughtful and articulate educators in the world of self-defense and his new series of contributions to this blog will be informative, enlightening and, I truly believe, compelling in regard to motivating people to be as prepared as possible to defend themselves and those they care about from violence. One of the most important lessons that William taught me many years ago was that you can't worry about trying to make sense of why someone is trying to (or about to try to) hurt you... you just have to respond.

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All Hat, No Cattle: What is Your Defensive State of Mind?

Similarly, if you consider yourself an “armed citizen” and are proud of your 2nd Amendment rights, you need to ask yourself the question: “Am I all hat?” Do you just have a gun or do you also have a defensive stare of mind? Becoming a true armed citizen is going to mean spending some more time and money on classes and the range, and less time at the gun show.

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