They Are Not You: The Mindset of Hate

Image source: Daily Mail

Undertake a bit of a thought exercise with me if you will, one that will point out viscerally some of the differences between ourselves and the most dangerous of Violent Criminal Actors. Imagine the level of hatred required to shoot someone in the face on sight; not figuratively, but actually to shove the muzzle of your pistol into contact with the flesh of another human’s jawline, for example, and press the trigger.

Image source: Daily Mail

Imagine then the effort you would be forced to exert to nurture and maintain that degree of enmity and contempt, not to mention that necessary for the vigilance it takes to scour the world for the object of your hatred. Literally see yourself devoting significant life energy to scanning your surroundings for the sign or emblem of what you despise, no matter what other activities you were undertaking. Imagine what wrongs your nemesis must have done you in the past. Why, they must be such atrocities as to boggle the mind; something monumental being required to inspire this quest to express hair-trigger rage. Now imagine that your victim has done nothing to you; nothing more than merely existing as a Dagestani (and therefore “non-white”) on the same metro train. Ask yourself, in the depths of your conscience: Could you do it?

As a normal citizen and reader, the answer is clearly, definitively no. But the two offenders depicted, who have added racial cleansing of their nation to their criminal repertoire, experience no such difficulty and no internal impediment to committing just such an unthinkable atrocity. They have achieved a level of hatred for and rejection of expected norms of human behavior that attempted murder occurs instantaneously, with little conscious thought.

Image source: Daily Mail

Finally, moving forward, consider the challenges this situation presents to those of us who would defend self and others: Violent Criminal Actors who will attempt to kill you for their own twisted, personal beliefs rather than for anything you have actually done, said, or been. In preparation, we must start by imagining the unimaginable and then building appropriate, effective responses from the inside out…

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    • iamaclimber

      I spent 24 years working in a state prison system and got some insight into some of the inmates thinking. Some had been abused and tortured so much during their lives that they wanted everyone to feel the pain they had. Therefore they felt that any thing they could do to make you feel pain was their obligation!

    • Jonathon Hood
      Jonathon Hood

      As the moto goes, always be prepared. This would be to defend yourself, family and community from whatever may come to pass. Be ready and be vigilant.

  1. K. Hughart
    K. Hughart

    Law abiding people must assume that every stranger they encounter is a potential enemy with homicidal intentions. Always carry everywhere and be prepared to defend with lethal force. Remain at condition yellow.


      No I don’t think anyone should go through assuming everyone they come into contact with is a potental adversary. Yes I believe you should always be prepared but to go through life everyone is out to get you when only a very small percentage of people is a homicidal killer is a very sorry outlook on life. Something which will eventually come back to haunt you in life.

  2. Thomas

    In California just accept you have no right to defend yourself and after being shot give information to the po po so they can fill out their reports

  3. Pa John
    Pa John

    Today in the U.S., the victim portrayed above could simply be riding on a public bus / train / subway while wearing a MAGA hat or a “Trump 2020” t-shirt or some such. Wearing clothes that may provoke the increasingly unhinged and eternally outraged left while carrying concealed is probably not a good idea.

    I seriously would not at all be surprised if someone forced into defending themselves ended up being blamed for “inciting the incident” because of the political orientation of their clothing. Pick your battles wisely.

    • indianasteve

      They could also be wearing a “Ban all Guns”, or an “It’s a woman’s choice” t-shirt, or even just a plain white t-shirt, just as easily. I don’t think your rhetoric helps. I do agree with your statement about not advertising though. I try to think “grey man”.

      • Papa John
        Papa John

        Disagree with you, I don’t see on the news where the right wingers mob the lefty’s but see on a regular basis where the left will mob and use physical force on the right. The left believes in freedom of speech as long as you agree with them and they believe in the right to assemble and protest but if it involves in destroying the city you live in so much the better. I haven’t seen the same action or reaction from the left including when Obama was President. When he was in office is was still the left radicals causing the problems. If there have been incidents where the right has caused harm to the left please cite your references.

  4. Adam Freeman
    Adam Freeman

    If you believe that your Nation is being invaded by “them” and that your leaders are not doing anything to stop it but might actually be aiding the invaders, then actions such as this could be seen in the light of Resistance. One person’s “Terrorist” is another person’s “Patriot”.

  5. Bob Peterson
    Bob Peterson

    Yeah, I don’t think the average person has any concept of the mindset of a predator. They have selected you at a time and place which favors themselves for whatever reason. They have observed your behavior as part of the selection process. They have planned what they are going to do. All of their decisions are made, they are simply following through on their plan. In the meantime the victim is trying to decide if the threat is serious and what their plan should be. As a civilized person who thinks rationally the first thought upon acknowledging the threat is to try and reason with the predator. The predator is already miles beyond reasoning and is looking to accomplish their goal at any cost. The first and most important part of one’s strategy is to understand the predator’s mindset and formulate your own decision tree as to how to respond in the most likely situations. This depends upon your lifestyle, physical abilities, training. And then train for those most likely situations.

  6. Stone Jones
    Stone Jones

    I believe God can protect us from evil. One way He does that for me is by giving me the mentality to take the right and responsibility to defend myself and those around me seriously. While I hope it never comes down to it, if it does, I practice regular to stay capable and accurate. As an American we have that right, we should preserve it and exercise it as necessary.


    I believe Jesus would be on the side of the righteous and anyone who is any semblance of standing up for what is right and good would step in and stop such behavior and God would be with that person until the end

  8. Morgan, Job K.
    Morgan, Job K.

    Quite conversely, even if this individual has done something heinous to you or your folks, Jesus wants you to forgive–for your sake, if nothing else. The poisons related to negativity break down the body and soul, cause the spirit to be blinded.–Cump

  9. Larry Lutz
    Larry Lutz

    If a predator chooses to cross the line and attack me, and if I’m the victor in the encounter, I have no problem forgiving him. Posthumously.

    • DrKen

      Exactly. And, yes, I am an ordained Christian minister with both masters and doctorates in divinity.