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Knives & Improvised Tools

MDTS Defensive Knife Response Guide, page 13 of MDTS Practical Small Knife Skills Student Info Guide. This guide carries over well to knife-like objects and improvised defensive tools as well. On December 1, Rob Pincus and I had discussed improvised defensive tools on the PDN Live broadcast. While we had the opportunity to talk with…

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PDN LIVE! Improvised & Low Profile Self-Defense Tools

Chris Fry of MDTS Training joined Rob Pincus this month as a guest on PDN LIVE to talk about Low-profile and Improvised Defensive Tools. Chris has established himself in the training community as expert in this area after years of personal experimentation and training for defense in environments where carrying traditional defensive tools is either…

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Flowers or Guns? Good Guys Have Both, Actually

Personal Defense Network's Executive Director has taken some time to comment on the social media frenzy surrounding the viral video of a French Father comforting his son during an interview in the aftermath of the Terrorist Attacks that took place there last week.

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Equipment Races and the Defensive Shooting Instructor

Back in the 1990s I was an avid competitive shooter, sometimes attending as many as three matches a month. Back then the big talk was “The Equipment Race”: the increase in emphasis on hardware rather than pure shooting skill, an increase which was initiated by the use of compensators and red-dot sights in national competitions.…

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Empty Chamber Carry

If you’re not ready to carry a gun with a round chambered in a proper holster, you’re simply not ready to carry a gun for personal defense. Check out this video of a close quarters knife attacker who is able to land repeated strikes on an Armed Professional while several other members of his agency…

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Active Shooter Training Resources

As the news is breaking about a spree killer event in Oregon on a College Campus, We know that many people will be asking questions about exactly what happened and why. Of course, it is far too early to try to be accurate about any of that. Hopefully, time will answer those questions for us.…

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