The Remington R-51: A symbol of a larger problem

Defensive handguns are life-saving tools. As a result, we treat the selection, maintenance and the training related to the defensive handgun with the respect they deserve. Failure to do so flies in the face of common sense and places you at risk of injury or death. People like you and I take defensive handguns seriously…

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Does Your Training Match Reality?

Recently, three Americans, seemingly unarmed, took action against a heavily armed terrorist on Paris-bound train. Their actions serve as a clear example of the type of response you may depend on when you find yourself in the midst of a lethal threat. The question is, “Are you up to the task?” Despite the fact that…

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Shooter at Tennessee Movie Theater Killed by Police

Editor’s Note: this is the FIRST posting to our new PDN Blog. This new feature of Personal Defense Network will allow our Contributors to post more frequently than we publish feature articles and to share their thoughts on breaking news and other Current Events in a more timely manner. Earlier today, there was what appears…

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