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Mass Pike Road Rage like no other!

Road rage caught on camera, with twists and turns that you do not see every day! A 65 year old man was caught on camera holding on for dear life after a fender bender resulted in road rage unlike anything we’ve seen this year so far. The incident in… Read More

3 Teen boys held at gunpoint until police arrive

And it was all caught on camera! “They’re lucky I didn’t shoot them” stated Stephen Routh after catching three teens in the act of ransacking his parents home in Asheboro, North Carolina. He was alerted by a neighbor and met the three young men as they were leaving the family… Read More

“Don’t Tase Me Bro” takes on a whole new meaning!

It all went down in Philly last Friday, a man was approached by police officers who in turned “Tased” the man using an issued, non lethal weapon. Tasers rarely end up killing or permanently harming anyone, but this case is different. WAY DIFFERENT. The man’s clothing burst into… Read More

Home Security Cameras Sales Skyrocket

Easy Installation and improved WIFI at home has lead to a huge increase in home security systems that users can monitor on their smart phones from home or on the road. ‘Nest’ and ‘RING’ have self – monitoring apps that anyone can use to see and communicate with visitors on… Read More

Man shoots himself in an elevator

A Kentucky Officer’s weapon “went off” as he tried to put it away. The bullet bounced off the elevator wall and hit the officer in the stomach. We hate it when they say that. It implies that guns somehow ” go off”….which they simply do not. Human error plays… Read More

Anytime, anywhere, even at 6:30AM on the way to work!

The last thing you'd expect is for a hard working person to have to face. Up and ready to catch the bus before the light of day, many people feel safe in their cities due to their personal values, great situational awareness, and a firearm by their side with a… Read More