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They Are Not You: Extravagant Violence

Florida prisoner kills cellmate, gouges out eyes, wears ear on necklace, sources say. Image: The study of violent crime and the subset of offenders we refer to as Violent Criminal Actors, or VCAs, is a serious undertaking and as such it bears scrutiny to make sure we’re not engaging in the titillation of what…

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Domestic Violence and Firearms

“Call us if you need us”…. That is what one domestic violence victim was told by her local police department when she inquired as to how to protect herself against an angry, jaded ex-boyfriend. It’s not exactly comforting to think about police response times and this woman’s need to ensure her safety. As we all…

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Officer justifiably shoots good guy.

The title of this video is hard to read. It represents tragedy that left one man dead, a Family mourning him as the lost hero he was, an agency and profession wracked by the aftermath and negative internal & external judgement and a community & country asking a lot of questions. This even happened in July of 2018 in Aurora, Colorado. In December, the police department released body camera footage, included herein, that shows without any room for doubt that the shooting was tragically justified.

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PDN Training Talk: December 6, 2018

Training Talk with Grant Cunningham is the show to watch to get reliable and responsible self defense information! This week, Grant will be joined by PDN Contributor Alessandro Padovani of Safer Faster Defense. They’ll be discussing how to protect yourself when you’re traveling out of the country. What tools are available, and what are the…

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PDN Training Talk: November 1, 2018

Training Talk with Grant Cunningham is the show to watch to get reliable and responsible self defense information! Training Talk is the webcast that talks about you: about your life and how to protect it. Grant and his guests cover defensive shooting, unarmed self defense, home defense, situational awareness, training tips, and much more. This…

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“Should Versus Could” discussion on Armed American Radio

Yesterday, I spoke for an hour with Mark Walters about two shootings of shoplifters. Embedded in the discussion was the incredibly important issue of " Should versus Could " and our responsibility as armed people to use force only when needed. In the latter case, the shooter was (rightfully) charged with murder. In NY, the bad guy was shot as he was jumping over the counter AT the armed good guy

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