Defensive Training Concepts

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Tourniquet Dry Fire

Ask any professional shooting competitor or firearms instructor worth their salt and they’ll tell you how important it is to conduct as much dry-fire practice as you can. Every step of the process — from drawstroke to presentation of the firearm, sight alignment/picture, and trigger pull is just as important as the others. Even those…

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Chest Ready Position

There are many ready positions to choose from in defensive firearms and even more opinions on why you should or should not use a certain ready position. I choose and teach my students to use a chest ready position, which is simple to achieve by starting in a shooting position and bringing the handgun straight…

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Armed or Unarmed: Simple Self Defense Drills Pay Off

What makes you proficient at your particular skill set for personal defense? How did you get to your level of knowledge or skill? How do you plan to improve upon your personal defense plan (PDP)? At some point your search most likely included: 1) Obtaining useful knowledge of said weapon (firearm, knife, hands, feet, knees,…

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Controlling the Variables

I’m not the most detail-oriented or scientifically inclined guy in the world. For proof, just look through the archives here at the Personal Defense Network and read how I usually test guns! Be that as it may, it was recently pointed out that I’ve been teaching an ever-evolving form of concealed carry training in Ohio,…

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