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Top Personal Defense News January 2016
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Comprehensive Self-Defense, Part Four:  Do The Work Best of PDN 2015: Training Articles and Videos
By: Rob Pincus

Personal Defense Network has been around long enough that we have a couple of traditions. One is our annual “Best of” collection of videos and articles. The presentation of the Best of the year has changed over the past five years, but has a consistent process.

First, as a PDN member, you get the first vote. Every December, the team at PDN HQ compiles a list of the top videos and articles for me to review. This is the popularity contest … and it tells us a lot about what you are interested in, which helps us plan what to bring you next year. I chose not to include gear review videos in the lists. We know that the nature of the internet is that gear will always get more attention than training information, which is PDN’s primary focus. You can see the three most popular gear-related videos here: GunVault, UltiClip and Liberty Ammunition. Below, you will find links to the Top 8 Training Articles and Videos published in 2015. READ MORE

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Trigger Guards on Staged Guns for Home Defense

All firearms owners have a responsibility to make sure their firearms are kept safe from unauthorized access. When it comes to defensive pistols inside the home, workplace or vehicle, the best way to do that is with a quick-access safe. WATCH NOW

Trigger Guards on Staged Guns for Home Defense
Self-Defense Tips: A Recipe For Unarmed Defensive Skills

Students often ask firearms instructors which martial arts they should learn in order to be prepared to defend themselves. Rob Pincus provides self defense tips and advises students to seek instruction in two areas: striking and grappling. Rob feels the most efficient way to develop close-quarters striking skills is at a Muay Thai school, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for grappling.

Self-Defense Tips:  A Recipe For Unarmed Defensive Skills
It Could Happen to You
Store owner protects business from armed robbers

A group of three armed men entered Ms. Jessie’s Stop N Shop corner store in Philadelphia and attempted to rob the establishment. The store owner responded to the threat by opening fire on the criminals, striking at least one in the head, killing him. The deceased thief’s accomplices fled the scene, but one of them was captured soon after the attempted robbery. (NBC Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa. 01/11/16)

News from the NRA-ILA
NRA-ILA 2015 Year in Review

2015 was a successful year for NRA and our members in the fight to protect our Second Amendment rights.

As we move into 2016, our focus will be on what is the most important election cycles in many years, if not decades. We must increase our efforts to ensure we're prepared to meet the great opportunities and challenges we will face. Stay tuned to future Alerts on how we can all work together to ensure our continued success.

As we prepare for the coming election battle, it’s important that we recap the top stories brought to you in 2015 by the ILA Grassroots Alerts:


• DEA Contemplated Mass Surveillance of Gun Show Attendees. Documents obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the American Civil Liberties Union revealed that, in 2009, the Drug Enforcement Administration contemplated using License Plate Readers (LPRs) to track vehicle traffic from gun shows.

• U.S. Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) introduced H.R. 131. The bill would make clear that the transportation of both firearms and ammunition is federally protected, as well as expand the protections afforded to travelers to include "staying in temporary lodging overnight, stopping for food, fuel, vehicle maintenance, an emergency, medical treatment, and any other activity incidental" to the trip.

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