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6 Tips for Dealing with Gun Free Zones 6 Tips for Dealing with Gun Free Zones
By: Rob Pincus

Thanks to those with an Anti-Gun Agenda, led by the Obama Administration and aided by a largely ignorant media, “Gun Free Zones” are a part of life for just about everyone that I know. If you have kids in schools, if you fly on commercial aircraft, if you travel overseas, if you drink alcohol, if you travel frequently in the United States and don’t carry a badge, or if you compromise your right to have a gun while doing business in the many national retail chains and local stores that restrict your ability to be legally armed, you have to deal with Gun Free Zones. READ MORE

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Practical Situational Awareness

Rob Pincus challenges some traditional notions of situational awareness, something people talk a lot about when it comes to self-defense. We mostly talk about situational awareness relating to avoiding a situation, such as crossing the street to avoid someone who looks dangerous. Another facet of it is knowing our surroundings, such as the exits in a hotel or restaurant. During travel, it means knowing where mass transit and rallying points are, among other safety concerns. WATCH NOW

Practical Situational Awareness
Learning Presentation From the Appendix Carry Position

A lot of people in our community are looking at switching from a traditional carry — at or behind the hip — to a centerline carry, popularly known as the appendix carry position. For a right-handed person, that puts the grip where the appendix is, while for a left-handed person, the grip is on the other side of center, hence this is called centerline carry. WATCH NOW

Learning Presentation From the Appendix Carry Position
It Could Happen to You
Armed Citizen Saves Police Officer During Violent Attack

An officer was attempting to break up two teens involved in an altercation near Upper Darby High School in Upper Darby Township, Pa. when one of the teens attacked the officer. Soon after, the other teen began attacking the officer, and then a crowd that had gathered to watch the fight advanced on him as well. A resident of the neighborhood, and Right-to-Carry permit holder, became aware of the situation, retrieved a gun and confronted the mob. The resident was able to stop the group from attacking the officer until additional police could arrive.

Following the incident, Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told a local media outlet, “If it wasn't for the good Samaritan stepping forward, he'd have been dead meat… There's no doubt they would have attacked him.” (Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia, Pa. 02/10/16)

News from the NRA-ILA
ISIS Supporter Specifically Targeted Gun-Free Zone for Attack

NRA has been criticized by our opponents for contending that those seeking to wreak mass violence on innocents choose their targets based on the likelihood that they will meet armed resistance, and that armed citizens could assist in halting this type of violent attack. As part of their efforts, gun control activists and their allies in the media have frequently lampooned NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s astute remarks that “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” The bankruptcy of this anti-gun position was exposed late last week when details from an FBI terrorism investigation revealed that an alleged ISIS supporter chose the target for a planned terrorist attack because it was a gun-free zone.

A notable example of our opponents’ error on this matter is a commentary from March 25, 2013 edition of USA Today penned by Mother Jones Editor Mark Follman. Titled, “The NRA's gun-free zone myth,” the item characterizes NRA’s argument as “killers deliberately choose sites where firearms are forbidden, gun-rights advocates say, and because there are no weapons, no ‘good guy with a gun’ will be on hand to stop the crime,” then labels it, “Sound bite sophistry.”

For its part, Bloomberg’s Everytown has gone to great lengths to perpetuate the notion that the ability to lawfully carry is not a deterrent to mass killers, going so far as to produce a misleading analysis of mass shootings since 2009. READ MORE

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