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Military Combat Concepts for Personal Defense Military Combat Concepts for Personal Defense
By: Andy Loeffler

We’ve all heard it said that some people see the world through “rose-colored glasses.” Although this usually describes someone who is overly optimistic or perhaps not aware of the unpleasantness around them, I think the larger suggestion is valid: none of us can see everything with perfect objectivity because we are looking through lenses that carry the tint of our individual attitudes and experiences. READ MORE

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Setting Up A .22 LR Training Rifle

This video demonstrates setting up a dedicated .22 Long Rifle training rifle. There have been ammo shortages that have affected whether or not you could really train and practice with your full-size gun, because that ammo was too expensive or hard to find. It makes sense to have a cheaper way to train than always firing full-power ammunition. WATCH NOW

Setting Up A .22 LR Training Rifle
Training Discipline

PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus discusses the concept of training discipline: when you are in the training environment, you want to have enough discipline to not do what behooves you only in the training environment. WATCH NOW

Training Discipline
It Could Happen to You
Alaska man stops thief while exercising his right to permitless carry

22-year-old Matthew Willhite was at a shopping mall in Anchorage, Alaska with his girlfriend and her family when he witnessed a thief in a physical altercation with security guards. Willhite went to see if he could help, when he became aware that the thief was armed with a gun. Willhite responded by drawing a .45-caliber pistol and ordering the criminal to drop his gun. The thief complied with the order, and Willhite held the man at gunpoint until security placed the man in handcuffs.

Following the incident, Willhite told a local media outlet that he has been carrying since he turned 18 when he lived in Nevada; open carrying before he could get a Nevada Right-to-Carry permit. Willhite also noted that at the time of the incident he was carrying without a permit, as it is lawful do in Alaska. (Alaska Dispatch News, Anchorage, Alaska, 01/20/16)

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News from the NRA-ILA
Accident Victim, Corrections Officer Treated to “New Jersey Justice” for “Illegal” Firearm

What started out as a pleasant evening with his wife soon devolved into a nightmare for Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Sergeant Raymond Hughes, when his safety, career, and freedom were all jeopardized by New Jersey’s draconian suppression of Second Amendment rights.

It all started in January when Hughes and his wife traveled to Atlantic City for an evening concert and dinner. Besides being a 13-year law enforcement veteran, Hughes is also the holder of a valid Pennsylvania concealed carry permit. Hughes told NRA News that he had been in a hurry when leaving that day and had left both his corrections uniform and legally-owned handgun in his vehicle. In a same world, that should not have been an issue. In New Jersey, however, it was nearly enough to ruin an honest man’s life.

As Hughes was driving home with his wife, the intoxicated driver of another vehicle collided with them, causing an accident that resulted in injuries to both him and his wife and necessitated his transport to a hospital. One of the officers who responded to the scene saw stickers on Hughes’s vehicle that identified him as a corrections officer and asked Hughes if he had a firearm with him. READ MORE

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