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Top Personal Defense News July 2016
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Disabled Shooting Disabled Shooting

A family friend recently asked if I could help him with a shooting issue he was having. I had known for quite a while that his health had been poor and he had been in and out of the hospital. Though I didn’t know the details, I could tell this was something that had really been bothering him and that he was reaching out to me as a last resort. He explained that for the past few years he had been suffering from a degenerative neuromuscular disease. As it had progressed, it had all but prevented him from being able to fire his defensive firearm. He was unable to pull the trigger without using two fingers (and even that was a struggle). Even loading magazines was too difficult. This new disability had left him feeling helpless and dependent on others for his and his family’s safety. READ MORE

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Questions About Private Gun Sales

Private gun sales: good or bad? Should you be worried about buying a gun privately from someone you don’t know, or selling a gun privately to someone you don’t know? These are reasonable questions for a responsible gun owner. WATCH NOW

Questions About Private Gun Sales
Knife Training And Knife Grips

Alessandro Padovani of Safer Faster Defense works with you on knife training and demonstrates how to grip a knife in a defensive context. He shows the three ways to grip a knife. The hammer grip, where you hold the knife as if it were a hammer, is a strong grip but you lose some dexterity. In the Filipino or fencer grip, put your thumb on the spine of the knife. This grip offers reach and dexterity and is an intuitive way to use the knife. The reverse grip gives less reach but is also a strong grip. Take advantage of this knife training today. WATCH NOW

Knife Training And Knife Grips
It Could Happen to You
Homeowner Shoots Knife-Wielding Intruder

A homeowner in his late 60s living in San Bernardino, Calif. had just spent some time in his yard and came back inside his home to find an intruder armed with a hunting knife. The homeowner demanded that the man leave. When the trespasser refused to leave, the homeowner retrieved a handgun and again ordered the intruder out of the home. The intruder responded to the demand by brandishing the knife he was carrying, prompting the homeowner to shoot him.

Police captured the intruder and he was taken to the hospital. (The Sun, San Bernardino, Calif. 06/18/16, CBS Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Calif. 06/18/16).

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Surge in Permits Drives NICS Record in May

FBI data reported this week from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) shows that a 41 percent increase in background checks conducted for firearm carry and purchase permits in May 2016, as compared to May 2015, elevated the total number of firearm checks for that month to the highest on record for any month of May. May 2016 was the 13th consecutive month that the total number of firearm-related checks for a month exceeded the tallies achieved during the same month in previous years. Read More

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