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The Semantics of Civilian Firearms Education The Semantics of Civilian Firearms Education

The media has manipulated language to instill fear in people about guns. Here’s how we can use facts and reasoning to help educate our fellow citizens about self-defense, the Second Amendment, and personal liberty.

Semantics (si-man-tiks)
the study of the meanings of words and phrases in language the meanings of words and phrases in a particular context the language used (as in advertising or political propaganda) to achieve a desired effect on an audience especially through the use of words with novel or dual meanings
from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

In this age of political correctness, Orwellian double-speak, and mainstream anti-liberty agendas, semantics can be an important element of any lesson or spirited pro-gun discussion. READ MORE

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Defensive Grooming Gestures

Defensive grooming gestures are great defensive techniques for when you aren’t sure what’s going on or for when you are sure but don’t want to escalate a situation by making more overt moves. Rob Pincus demonstrates these defensive grooming gestures. WATCH NOW

Defensive Grooming Gestures
Self Defense Tips: A Recipe For Unarmed Defensive Skills

Students often ask firearms instructors which martial arts they should learn in order to be prepared to defend themselves. Rob Pincus provides self defense tips and advises students to seek instruction in two areas: striking and grappling. Rob feels the most efficient way to develop close-quarters striking skills is at a Muay Thai school, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for grappling. Dedicate a few months to learning the basics and then practice regularly. WATCH NOW

Self Defense Tips:  A Recipe For Unarmed Defensive Skills
It Could Happen to You
The Armed Citizen ®

A man armed with a gun approached two men walking in a neighborhood in Granite City, Ill. and attempted to rob them. One of the intended victims, a Right-to-Carry permit holder, responded to the threat by drawing a gun and shooting the robber. The wounded thief was transported to the hospital.

Following the incident, Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons told a local media outlet, “Thankfully this individual was a concealed and carry permit holder. He had the ability to defend himself and his friend.” Gibbons also made clear that there would be no charges filed against the armed citizen. (KMOV, St. Louis, Mo. 09/09/2016)

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Hillary Clinton: "Reasonable" to Require Guns to be Unusable at Home

Hillary Clinton is lying … again.

The candidate who claimed politicians “need both a public and a private position” on policy issues demonstrated that tendency Wednesday night in the final presidential debate in a desperate bid for damage control on a statement she made in a private meeting with wealthy donors.

That earlier statement was simple, uncomplicated, and utterly damning to anyone who believes in the Second Amendment. Read More

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