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Top Personal Defense News December 2016
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Diversify Your Self-Defense Diversify Your Self-Defense

Commit yourself now to the reality of your responsibility to protect yourself and those you care about in a worst-case scenario. If you’re reading this, I assume you already think you’ve accepted that reality. But have you committed to being able to do it without your preferred tools? Have you committed to being able to do it outside of your pre-rehearsed scenarios? Have you committed to being able to fight, and empowering others to do so, regardless of the circumstances, simply because you must?

Inside personal defense circles, I find many people who spend many hours and much money preparing to defend themselves, but very few who do so in a diversified way. I find very few who train in counter ambush methodology. Counterintuitively, I find that many of the people who spend the most money and time in areas of defensive training are the ones who become the most specialized and least likely to do well under circumstances they haven’t specifically prepared for. I’m talking now about people who have become training hobbyists — people who train, practice, and collect gear for the sake of those activities and the feelings of joy and accomplishment that doing so gives them. Let me explain. READ MORE

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Safety Considerations Specific To An Indoor Range

If you’re used to firing on an outdoor range, you may not be aware of all the safety issues shooting at an indoor range presents. PDN Contributor Andy Loeffler, who instructs at an indoor range, outlines the concerns.

Safety Considerations Specific To An Indoor Range
Drills For Direct Action Combatives With A Carbine

PDN Contributor Chris Fry of M.D.T.S. Training looks at utilizing the carbine as an intermediate-force option, or what we call direct-action combatives. This may be in a situation where we are not justified in using lethal force, or where the carbine has a malfunction or stoppage, and we need to use the carbine as an impact tool. In other words, not our usual carbine training drills!

Drills For Direct Action Combatives With A Carbine
It Could Happen to You
The Armed Citizen ®: Clerk Fights Off Armed Robber at Obama Gas Station

An armed man entered the convenience store at the Obama gas station in Richland County, S.C. and attempted to rob the store. The clerk on duty responded to the threat by retrieving a gun. Upon meeting armed resistance the armed robber fled the scene.

The gas station was renamed after the 44th president of the United States in 2011. (WIS, Columbia, S.C., 08/29/16, 05/27/11).

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Right-to-Carry Permit Holder Saves Officer from Violent Attack; Continues Tradition of Armed Citizens Assisting Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is at its best when police can rely on the support of the communities they serve to assist in their fight against crime. This cooperation between citizens and police can come in many forms...
Read More

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