Preparing Multiple Emergency Medical Kits

When dealing with the variety of medical problems you may encounter in your daily life, the best solution is to prepare multiple emergency medical kits. Rob Pincus has several kits with different contents for everyday carry on the body, storage in a vehicle, and keeping at home. He demonstrates what goes in three of his kits and why.

First Aid Kit This is a small bag for everyday medical needs, things that aren’t emergencies but involve medicine. The bag contains band-aids, antiseptic wipes, eye drops, a cold pack, and over-the-counter medications for dealing with headaches, stomach problems, allergies and colds. You may have multiples of this kit and keep one in your vehicle and more than one staged at home with other self-defense gear.

Vehicle Response Kit The largest of the three emergency medical kits, this is marked emergency medical gear and is in safety orange color so it can be easily identified. Its purpose is to respond to a multiple-person injury situation or even a large-scale disaster. The contents include multiples of each item: tourniquets, compressed gauze, splints, and equipment to help keep airways open. If you choose to carry this advanced medical gear, make sure you have the training to use it.

Range Kit This small kit detaches from the vehicle respon