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The Ministry of Defense: Protecting Houses of Worship

Posted by Pablo Birriel Editor’s Note: Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, the issue of church security is one that impacts all our communities, and the solutions apply to a variety of public settings. Whether you attend a place of worship regularly or not, I encourage you to read this article and think about how…

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Defensive Long Gun 7-DVD Set + FREE Gun Tool

Bundle: Defensive Long Gun 7-DVD Set + FREE Gun Tool This exceptional set of DVDs will help you train appropriately and realistically for situations where a long gun may be your preferred or only option for defending yourself during a critical incident. Many of us have hunting rifles, shotguns or other long guns in our…

Finding Snub Stocks That Fit Your Hand

One thing that distinguishes snubs and revolvers from autoloaders is that a variety of stocks differing widely in size, shape, and material can be fit to them. This can be either an advantage or a disadvantage. If they fit you well, they can really enhance your shooting. If they fit you poorly, you aren’t going…

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The Ten Commandments of Street Survival, Part 3

Over the past few months, I’ve been discussing the first seven of my Ten Commandments of Street Survival in two articles: Ten Commandments of Street Survival Part 1 and Ten Commandments of Street Survival Part 2. Now I’d like to conclude with the final three commandments. Commandments 8-10 of Street Survival 8. Thou Shalt Not…

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The Defensive Shotgun Part I: Accessories

Consider the shotgun: traditional provider of meat for the pot, defender of hearth and home, and long regarded as the ultimate in anti-bad-guy ordnance. Having conducted a fair number of shotgun home-defense courses over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of different people, with a lot of different levels of experience,…

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The 42 Most Important Ideas In Defensive Tactical Shooting

it’s not easy to talk about the most important terms and concepts in the world of defensive shooting — because it’s a little difficult to judge what makes something important! There are, certainly, a lot of things we can talk about which are valuable or which are significant to defensive shooting in some way. These are generally thought of as the things we do, or want to do, or need to have when preparing to defend ourselves with a firearm. They’re important to know. At the same time there are some ideas which are very prevalent in the field, but which aren’t really valuable or are routinely misunderstood. This series of articles, then, is going to look at both sides of the importance equation: those things which have positive importance (good to know and do), as well as those things with negative importance (good to know and avoid.)

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David L. Williams

David L. Williams began his almost 20-year career in law enforcement as a street officer with the Dayton, Ohio Police Department. He rose through the ranks and became known as an expert on criminal gang and occult activity. After retiring from the force as a lieutenant, he founded Miami Valley Law Enforcement Training, which has…

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