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They Are Not You: Surveillance Cameras Record Random Brutal Attack

Today's case directly addresses one of the greatest fears of city-dwellers and suburbanites, young and old, those invested in self-protection and the unprepared: a moment of inexplicable violence that arises with the stark suddenness of a crevasse opening in ice beneath our feet. The natural questions arise: Who commits this sort of offense and why?

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How Should You Practice After Training?

Once we finish a personal defense training class, a question that should remain in our minds is, “Where do I go from here?” We trainers almost universally say that you have to practice after a class to ingrain the skills you learned in order to achieve the unconscious competence necessary to prevail in a critical…

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Krav Maga Handgun Disarms

Krav Maga has been developed over the past 60 years by and for the Israeli military. Krav Maga is not a martial art. It does not do anything for the sake of tradition or because “that’s how the founder did it.” Krav Maga is an open and evolving system and, in my opinion, there is…

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Effectiveness vs Efficiency with Firearms

PDN Managing Editor Rob Pincus gives an illustrated example of what he means when he says efficiency with defensive firearms is more important than effectiveness. Reloading firearms at slide lock is one of the things that there are many ways to do, and obviously if the gun ends up being reloaded at the end, whichever…

Rail-Mounted Instant-on Light for Home-Defense Rifles

Most people have at least a rail-mounted light on their home-defense long guns, and perhaps also a laser aiming device. PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus likes to use the Viridian C5 or C5L light and laser combos, with their instant-on technology. The Less Efficient Way Rob planned on using the ambidextrous switch when deploying his…

Unicorns and the Situational Awareness Rainbow

“We must always be aware and live in Condition Yellow!” We have heard this.… We have said it…. I have taught it. The sentiment is sound and it is good advice. But the situational awareness rainbow can sometimes lead us to a false sense of security, striving for an unattainable goal, or perhaps even a…

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How Good Are You? Measuring Shooting Skill

Most shooters have a type A personality that drives us. That being the case, my students often ask me how to measure the skills they have. While there are multiple ways to measure skill, I like to have one that objectively allows me to measure my ability, so I can compare it to my skill…

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Training Resources

Rob Pincus frequently talks about training resources, and in this video he discusses what he means by that term. Training resources are things you have to spend in order to enhance your learning. The four major resources are time, venue, money and information.