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Getting (Back) Into Shape!

General Physical Preparedness The necessity for having a base level of fitness or general physical preparedness should be common sense for any armed citizen. Possessing the ability to run away from danger is often a better plan than engaging and then, if you survive, dealing with the legal and emotional aftermath. Not to mention the

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Survival Shooting Techniques: Why Train With One Hand?

What is the real reason we should train to use only one hand to manipulate and shoot the firearm? Lots of people might say, “Because it is common to get shot in one of your extremities and lose the use of one hand.” While I agree, and the statistics confirm this to an extent, over

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David L. Williams

David L. Williams began his almost 20-year career in law enforcement as a street officer with the Dayton, Ohio Police Department. He rose through the ranks and became known as an expert on criminal gang and occult activity. After retiring from the force as a lieutenant, he founded Miami Valley Law Enforcement Training, which has

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Cooperating with Police While Armed

If you are carrying gun for personal defense, you should have a good idea of the types of behaviors or motions that could alarm a police officer. These simple tips can help you to de-escalate any interaction with police officers and let them quickly know that you mean them no harm and intend to cooperate with them, regardless of the nature of the interaction.
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Is Your Family Safe When You’re Away?

You may be away from home set hours every day, evening or night due to your job, or you may be away for a longer time on a business trip or for some other reason. Are you confident that your loved ones can defend themselves without you? I was away instructing after we moved to

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Active Shooter Preparedness 8-Video Set (DVD + Download)

8-Video Set: Active Shooter Preparedness (DVD + Download) In the World we live in, being prepared for the unexpected violent encounter is a must-have mind-set. Knowing how to react could save your life – and the lives of many others. Personal Defense Network has compiled this one-of-a-kind video set, with 8 videos covering critical topics

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A Defensive Handgun, Two Magazines, and $1000

What’s next? Many people who buy a handgun fall into one or more categories: recreation, competition, or self-defense. Normally I find those who buy a gun for recreation or competition understand the budget required to manage their new hobby. But people who buy a handgun for self-defense often aren’t knowledgeable about the associated expenses of

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The Remington R-51: A symbol of a larger problem

Defensive handguns are life-saving tools. As a result, we treat the selection, maintenance and the training related to the defensive handgun with the respect they deserve. Failure to do so flies in the face of common sense and places you at risk of injury or death. People like you and I take defensive handguns seriously

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