PDN LIVE! November 2017

Rob Pincus, executive director at PDN, hosted another round of Ask Rob Anything on PDN LIVE. This event is special because you don’t get just one Rob, but two! Rob Leatham joined Rob Pincus live on the air to answer your personal defense and firearm questions.

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  1. Bob Baird

    I am a Premium member but your login does not allow my Email address to logon because I use “_” in my address/

    • Customer Service

      Hi Bob. We are sorry you are having trouble logging in. Please give our customer service team a call at 1-855-231-0650 and they can assist you with this.
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  2. Ron

    Yes cancel, I live in AZ a 2nd amendment state there is no certs or like required here. The governor has commission all citizens in the state to carry.

  3. Curtis

    For Mr. Pincus, Do you have any idea on the price point on the PD10 and when it will be released?

    • Sam Kirchoff

      Sorry, Malcom. I’m trying to adjust them to consistency but it seems to be coming through different for everyone. – Sam

  4. Bill Blake

    Worlds Collide: Return to Alignment. Rob L. talks about what you want your arching movement with the gun to look like in recoil when you break the next shot (1:42 mark) using two fingers to illustrate. I didn’t understand what you are going for…can you explain?

  5. Ron

    How do I get proficient in using the Springfield 1911 compact my wife has gotten me. I am new to handguns for I have always used rifles and shotguns.

  6. Michael Harmon

    How does a heavy set (or fat) man keep his pants up? Women have hips so thay don’t have this problem as much.

  7. Bruce Jarvie

    Do you feel that some or any of your pieces of advice should be avoided by police officers since they work under very specific rules of society and are the enforcement arm of the “government”? I have been told “I” can “get away” with certain actions that will get a cop “hanged”.

  8. Ernie

    Id it inadvisable to carry a gun close to the body , as in appendix carry ,if the gun has no safety ,and the round is chambered?

  9. SCOTT

    when setting up an AR15 for typical home defense, 3 – 10 yards, at what range do you zero your red dot optic?

  10. john robinson

    I carry concealed weapon and the pistol has 2 safety locks on it .The question i want to know is while carrying this weoponshould i leave them off and put one bullet in the chamber or not?

  11. Mat

    Rob, I carry a Glock 43 when I need better concealment. In your opinion, does this firearm with XTP rounds have enough stopping power for a unarmored man?

  12. Breed

    If you had only one dollar to donate to one organization or politician to support 2A, where would it go?