Combat Focus Shooting and Home Defense Tips DVD




DVD: Combat Focus Shooting & Home Defense Tips

Combat Focus Shooting

Developed by Rob Pincus, the Combat Focus Shooting (CFS) approach breaks the mold of most contemporary defensive shooting programs.  Acclaimed by countless law enforcement, military, and private shooting groups worldwide, the CFS program provides the most consistent and efficient means possible to “significantly affect the target’s ability to present a lethal threat.” In this video, Rob leads you through the foundational principles of Combat Focus Shooting, emphasizing defensive training which incorporates the body’s natural reactions to a perceived threat, including an ambush. You will observe actual range training of students learning Combat Focus Shooting and you will learn along with them how the concepts of Consistency and Efficiency translate into defensive shooting techniques that shooters of any level can master. 59 minutes.


  • Combat Accuracy
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (with range training)
  • Efficiency and Consistency
  • Working With What the Body Does Naturally
  • High Compressed Ready Position and Presentation
  • The Balance Between Speed and Precision (with range training)
  • Deviation
  • Four Factors That Affect The Balance Between Speed and Precision
  • Stance and Movement (with range training)
  • Grip and Trigger Control
  • Home Defense Tips

    This video will help you better defend yourself and your family in your home. Rob Pincus, professional trainer, will show you how to escape and barricade, how to shoot from a one handed and two handed position, and how to utilize different techniques for tactical movements. 16 minutes.


  • Escape or Barricade
  • Tactical Movement
  • Cover and Concealment Inside the Home
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