Staging Battle Belts and Sticky Holsters for Home Defense

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If you’re moving through your home looking for your family members in an emergency situation, Rob Pincus recommends you have your defensive firearm staged in a holster, not in your hands. He presents two good options for staging the firearm under these circumstances.

Bump in the Night

Especially if you are gathering your family after a disturbance at night and are carrying a flashlight, it’s not a good idea to also be covering people with your handgun, It’s safer to have the handgun staged in a holster.

But what if, like many, you get out of bed wearing a) nothing, b) boxers, c) sweatpants, or d) pajama bottoms? Keeping the gun in a traditional gun holster won’t work because there is either no place to put it or no place with any support. But there are two workable solutions.

Battle Belt Configuration

Rob is on the record deriding the use of battle belts for concealed carry, but he is fully in favor of them for this type of home defense scenario. The battle belt configuration and procedure should be that you take the gun from your quick-access safe and put it in the battle belt’s holster, then put the battle belt on your waist and buckle it. Grab your light and you’re ready to move.

A possible battle belt configuration in this instance is to have a flashlight, spare magazines, a knife, and medical equipment attached to the battle belt. Moving through the house like this is much safer and less reckless than carrying a gun in the ready position while you are looking for your family.

Remember that your goal is not to clear your house but to safely gather everyone who lives in the house. Wearing a battle belt is also advantageous because you can holster the gun on it as soon as you see law enforcement, so they do not suspect you of being the bad guy.

Sticky Holster

If you aren’t totally naked, you can employ what’s known as a sticky holster. It’s a very simple holster that you can just put in the waistband of whatever minimalist clothing you were sleeping in. The friction created by the material of the sticky holster keeps the holster in place, and if you just grasp the gun, it will come out of the holster and the holster will stay behind.

The sticky holster doesn’t put any weight on your flimsy boxers/pajama pants as a paddle holster would, so it’s a good choice for these circumstances.

Summing Up

Think about the tactics that underlie these gear recommendations, because the tactics really are the secret to making sure that you and your family avoid as much risk as possible and also avoid taking a situation that’s already bad and making it worse.

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