Bullet Reflection Angles Off Hard Surfaces

Duration: 6:37

Rob Pincus discusses how to evaluate your environment and determine how bullets may react on solid surfaces like brick, concrete and steel. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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5 Responses to “Bullet Reflection Angles Off Hard Surfaces”

  1. Darryl

    Excellent video.  A video showing how to properly use cover in such situations would be very helpful.

  2. ValFitzAndrew

    So, do the 10 million rounds of 10 mm HP rounds the USG just bought react the same way as the demo rounds? I bet the SSA people shooting at us will have a great opportunity to miss by that much as they will not be well trained. Probably true of the Weather dudes from NOAA too. 🙂

  3. DOUG

    good  video you could make a mint showing it to coppers  ,still they miss  !!!!!